dear sunday

Dear Sunday,
I always feel indifferent towards you. I know it’s not your fault, but I don’t like the feeling of knowing that your sister Monday is around; looming closely to interfere us. In some days I relax with you but most of the time I get agitated by the fact of not knowing you enough. My time with you is always fast. Why is that? I hate it. Nevertheless, you became close to me. I can’t do anything about it. Being with you, I learned to look at the reflection on the waves of my heart. I wouldn’t have a chance when I am busy during the week. You also reminds me that no matter how much I fail in life, I can always go back and start anew. Thank you.


3rd stop

The train came after their fifteen minutes of waiting.
“Amanda, take this seat,” Jorlan said.
“No, you take that seat,” she said.
“I’m giving it to you”
“You’re the first to get there, so you sit there,” said Amanda giving him a little push.
Jorlan sighed and sit down. As he looked around, it seems like all the people were looking at him. 
“She’s a feminist”, he said with a weak smile.
The passengers continued to mind their own businesses.
Jorlan looked at Amanda standing close to the door. This girl makes him crazy. He always gets surprised in every little things. He can’t predict what goes on her mind, but he likes it. 
Jorlan pulled her closer to him.
“What?” she said.
“This is embarrassing”
“I thought you know me by now,” she said smiling.
“Yes, but still…”
“You should’ve thought about that before liking me…completely”
He knew that Amanda was teasing him. He also knew, however, that she knows what she’s doing. It all goes down to the gender equality that Amanda really lives through. He can hear her voice in his head saying, “Why do men have to give seats for women? It’s gentlemanly of them but I think it’s just a show off. Men should offer seats to old persons or those who really need it like disabled, pregnant, etc.”
They were silent until the train slowed down.

The doors opened and passengers filled the empty spaces.
“Hey! what are you doing?”, Amanda asked.
Jorlan dragged her down. He locked her with his arms, planted on his lap. Amanda tried to escape but Jorlan held her tightly. 
“Don’t stand anymore. You’ll be squeezed in there. It’s rush hour”
He hovered his head over her left shoulder then moved his head towards her. 
“This is embarrassing”, she said. She looked down while blushing.
“I also thought know me by now”
She felt his warmth. This guy makes her crazy. She always gets surprised in every little things. She can’t predict what goes on his mind, but she likes it. 
Jorlan nuzzled her neck.
Amanda gasped. “Jorlan, stop that! This is really embarrassing”, she whispered.
“Oh-kay” he said smiling at her and letting his clutches loose.
Amanda blushed beet red. She knew that Jorlan was teasing her. She also knew that Jorlan understood and accepted her. Not all feminists are like her, she just have another way of thinking. Even Jorlan had a hard time getting her heart but he did.
Amanda stood and made her way through the crowd.
“Excuse me, passing through”, said Jorlan.
The train was slowing down for another stop. 
He placed his hands on Amanda’s shoulders while whistling a tune.
“Let me carry your bag”
“You don’t have to, it’s not heavy”
Jorlan’s fingers made its way to the strap of her shoulder bag.
“Jorlan…we’ve already talked about this. I’ll tell you when I need help”
He removed his hands and hugged her from behind.
The door opened.

story i wrote some years ago

short short short

Riding the motorcycle is what he was thinking of when he lies to bed before going to sleep; to be free, to feel the air on his skin as he goes faster and faster, and to have control to wherever he would like to go to. Now, he is free, lying and sleeping for too long.


“Ack! What an ugly being.”

“I’m not ugly, I’m unique!” I told her.

“Eww. You’re uglier when you’re like that.”

“Natalia, don’t mind Erik. He is my friend.”

“Are you sure? Erik should never be seen with Scarlett Belle. ”

“Don’t exaggerate, darling.”

Ms. Scarlett Belle is a very beautiful theatrical actress. She has very long legs but still likes to wear high heels. Her skin is creamy white that neutralizes with her jet black hair. Her lips are rose red that matches her nail polish and bags (Red is her favorite color). She has soft caresses that I always long for.

I know everything about her. I know things that any avid fan and stalker wouldn’t. If there will be a contest, I will defeat all her fans in one go. I know it when she’s lonely even if she is smiling. I know it when she’s genuinely happy or if it is just for her image. I know it when she’s tired but does not complain. I know how she loves her job, and her passion does not wilt. She tells me all her stories, insecurities, dreams, and everything that is happening to her. I knew her since she was still an amateur, drama student.

It had been raining cats and dogs one night. I had wished that it was literally cats and dogs that were falling so I would have not been alone in that cold December. If it were really cats and dogs, I would not have been the only unlucky being as people would have been hit by the animals.

I hate to remember what an awful experience I had, but that was the time my tables turned. I was lying in the dark. I was soaked, dripping, and cold. I could not move. I was hungry and alone.

A sliver of light glowed and stretched until it reached me. It was so bright that I could get blind. The sound of clunking heels overpowered the pattering of rain for a moment. I squinted my eyes and looked at the shadow approaching. I saw shiny red boots with high heels coming nearer and nearer. The rain stopped pouring on me. This someone bent her knees to look closer.

“I nearly did not notice you here because of your color,” she said almost laughing.

“Shut up!” I said. I wanted to hurt her, but I can’t move an inch. So, I just stared at her.

“I like the color of your eyes though,” she said, “Come with me.”

She helped me get into her black car. Her smell was a mixture of smoke and alcohol with a faint scent of wild roses.

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I like the way the ocean waves keep going but can’t help to come back and kiss the shore.
I told you that, but you just laughed at me and turned around. I felt the softness of the sand under my feet as we continued to walk along. I looked down and saw the temporary molds of our foot prints until the waves washed it away. I stepped harder on the sand to produce deeper prints. You turned and asked what am I doing. I looked up to you and shrugged, then you continued walking. The next waves did not wash my prints completely. I smiled and felt a bit lighter.

I’m going to leave next week, you blurted out. It made me stop walking completely. I asked you what, so you repeated what you said. I heard and understood you completely. I just don’t like what I heard so I wanted to make sure that the words came out of you were true. My heart stopped and something inside me got heavier. I saw your lips arching and your eyes shine reflecting the sun. I turned my head to look at the orange sky. I faked a smile and told you I’m happy for you, this is what you wanted. There was a pause. All I heard were the swishing of the trees and ocean waves hitting the shore. I told you that the sky is orange again. You said it was not because it is red. You keep on insisting that the sky is red when it is orange. I know that you just like the color red and hate the color orange.

The sun was setting then. I continued walking. You held my arm and put me to stop. You said you wanted to watch the sunset. I told you that we’ve seen it a lot of times, what difference will it make. I tried to walk again but you grabbed my arms and made me out of balance. You assisted me to lean on my back and sat in front of you. You hugged me from behind and put your chin on my shoulder. My tears fell down without notice. I sobbed and you hugged me tighter.

I scooped a handful of sand. You told me not to worry as we will see each other someday. I felt the fineness grains of the sand. You will call, write, and communicate through internet you said. You said you prefer to write letters because it has more effort, more special, and personal. I let go of the sand slowly. I sobbed harder. I turned to hugged you. Suddenly your lips met mine. You were just as surprised as I am. We watched the sunset while holding hands. The sun goes down ’till it was engulfed by the ocean, but the waves were still coming back.


If you just peek inside her head,

You will be drawn

To the stillness depth of her soul

You will make ripples


As you float


Thread along to cause waves in her

It will be fine to her

She accepts everything

She will fill the emptiness


Inside you


Including those

You never knew existed

Your weaknesses and mistakes

She will see


Through it all




Will be dissolved at once

You will feel warm inside


In exchange, you will influence her


Dye her with colors

And flavors you surprisingly have

You will notice that you exude

The same aroma


It will still be fine to her


You will be closer to her

Be together

You will fall for her,

Fall slowly and deeply


At the bottom of uncertainty


Worry not,

She will be there

Catch you

Comfort you


Give you all her attention


Once you’re through

With your purpose,

You will be reeled

Up and out


Abandon her


You might be moving on

To another circumstance, but

All of your memories

Will still be with her


…until she’s gone.