Once you have started reading this you can not stop. You are now curse. Bad things will happen to you if you don’t pass this message to 6 people.

Didn’t you click the ‘exit’ button after reading the first line? Why are you still reading this? Didn’t the fake chain message blow you off? Stop reading now. I mean now. Stop.

Are you still reading this? You little rebel, I like you.

Well, since you’re still here, hello there!

Nothing to see here, actually. I just want to put words and keep on typing so that this page looks long with great thoughts and deep musings. Your role now is either act and say, “Oh, what a wonderful blog!”, imagine you have read what you wanted to read or you could just say “such a waste of space, too much stupidity” and click the close button; either way, forget everything about this and go on with your life.

Would you really want to know what this blog is about? It’s a useless crap like what you’ve been reading since the start.

And now that I just lowered your expectations, I will write the origin and what this is all about.

You can still click the exit.

As I’m typing this, I remember the time when I was doing the same thing to the “About” section of a then new blog site that I have. It was also past midnight like this time. I know I don’t need another one, but it’s midnight and my mind don’t want to settle down. There’s no connection, however, I keep on thinking of random things during this time. I always get this midnight musings.

I planned to title this blog as “midnight musings” but I think that it will only limit the posts I will have. Also, I’m not a good writer or worthy to be associated with the word writer at all, so I think it’s fitting to call this blah-g. I’m full of blah blah blah, hence the blah-ger (palpably, you see). As for the labyrinth, I’m a geek on a lot of things so I have different worlds and addictions (it’s legal!), I always see it as maze or paths I can not find a way out.

I am frustrated with a lot of things, and this blog will contain: reviews (rant/rave), babbles (diary entries/random personal stuff) , and scribbles (sketches/art stuff).

In a nutshell, this will be my dumping site and my backup.



P.S. If you really like to know, here are some of my interests:
arts, tea, mangas, Harry Potter, music, books, books, Oxford comma, and books!


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