Japan trip: Pokemon Center Osaka & Pokemon Store KIX (part IV)


I wanna be the very best like no one ever was.

Pokémon is part of my childhood. Most 90s kids will agree. I actually tried to write all the names of Pokémons in a notebook but I did not complete it (poor child). There existed internet but at that time, it was only a dial-up connection.


Pokemon Center in Osaka is an open space full of merch. It is located in Daimaru Umeda Store at 13th floor. The mall is directly connected to JR Osaka Station.

I choose you!

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I bought Charmander (Hitokage in Japanese). He’s my favorite starter Pokémon. I don’t know why, I think I just like its cuteness and fire looks powerful.


I also like Eevee because my nickname is Ebe from Phoebe. But I did not buy it, probably next time I would. There are so many stuffed toys and merchandise so I got overwhelmed. There are mugs, cookies, noodles, stationeries, bags, and other stuff. IT’S SO MANY! I can’t choose when seeing all these Pokémons all at once. #1stworldPokémonTrainerProblems

img_9928img_9930img_9935This is a huge pokeball signed by its creator. I can’t read it except the name Satoshi (サトシ) so I just concluded that it is#SatoshiTajiri‘s autograph.

map_osaka_e.gif source


Before leaving Japan, we  visited the Pokemon Center at Kansai International Airport. It is located on the 2nd floor, Terminal 2 Building.


my sister with Pokemon Christmas tree


Pikachu wearing KIX uniform is only sold at the Kansai International Airport.


If you went there during your birth month, you can present your passport and they will give you a crown, a birthday card, a mini poster, and a 5% discount on selected items. It was December so I got the goodies.

♡ P


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