Japan trip: Dotonbori & foods (part III)


Dotonbori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Osaka. I still don’t know why. But, I think I know the feeling it gives. This place is very lively with all the lights, shops, and people. The people are busy to go to their destinations and some are hanging out and shopping. There were so many people!! I don’t like large crowds so I did not enjoy it that much.

Here is the popular Glico Man:IMG_9829.JPG

Dotonbori canal & Ebisu bridge

We rode Sen-Nichimae Line from Tsuruhashi and got off the Namba Station. We walked to the other street so we did not see this landmark immediately. -.-

IMG_9826.JPGArashi, arashi for dream~!


Because this post would be short, I will incorporate another topic:



Japanese rice cakes🇯🇵

I only know sakuramochi so I researched about the other ones we bought.
🌸 Sakuramochi is flavored & colored with cherry blossoms. It is filled with anko (mashed red bean paste) and wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf.
⚫️ Kuromame Daifuku is filled with anko that has whole black beans.
🌱 Kusa mochi (grass mochi) is filled with anko & made with leaves of Japanese mugwort.


sakura mochi with Gudetama sakura mochi


IMG_9771.JPG legit Takoyaki is legit.

Takoyaki (たこ焼き) is an Octopus ball snack of Japanese. It is flour based batter with octopus inside and served with sauce and bonito flakes.

I doubt the takoyaki in my country. I think they put squid instead.

IMG_9774.JPGIt’s actually gimbap. My mom thought it’s sushi but I say it’s okay because gimbap tastes good also. IMG_9898.JPG

Before my mom went to the nearest market, I told her to buy a wildcard (food that we haven’t eaten before). She forgot about it and offered us these “grapes.” It turns out different. The plastic has スチューベン (Steuben) written on it. I googled it but there was no result for Steuben. So, I tried the Japanese characters and translated it with Google.

Steuben was introduced in 1952 (Showa 27) in Japan. This is suitable for cold climates, and it is cultivated mainly in the Tohoku region including Aomori Prefecture which is about the same latitude as New York born. It has a reputation of being deliciously eaten from the end of the year to the winter. (foodslink.jp)

Lastly, strawberries! 

♡ P

Osaka 2016 video

Kansai airport to Tsuruhashi (part I)

Osaka Castle (part II)

Pokemon Center (part IV)


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