On year 2014, I challenged myself to 5 reading challenges (and manga & Filipino books).

Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge 

Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014

Global Reading Challenge 2014

2014 Alphabet Soup Challenge

Bingo Reading Challenge


I made my last update and did not make another one because I failed the Alphabet Soup Challenge. I failed to read books starting with R, U, V, & Z. I thought I’m going to complete it in the subsequent year 2015. But, I did NOT. I was too lazy to read that year and last year I didn’t even try. It was the ultimate reading slump I ever had. I got into Korean dramas and a variety show called Running Man. I also watched American tv shows. In the end, I only read mangas & short novels.

This year, I plan to go back to my habit of reading more. But I still need to read more academic books. UGH. I need more tiiiiiiiiiiime!!


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