Few days past and I noticed that someone was eyeing me. No, my mind is being muffled by my own illusion. It was I who eyes someone. It sounded better in my mind but after I typed it here, it came out short of a horrible pun.

I keep on looking at a schoolmate in our school corridors. He then looks at me, too. I don’t know who starts to look first but it happens. When we random see each other, we exchange blank stares all the time. It starts effortlessly. I don’t know if he’s actually aware of it. I have not talked to him. What does his mind think when that happens? My mind is blank whenever that happens.

Something must have happened in our past lives. Is he a nemesis of my past life, a la Javert-Jean Valjean feud? Or a hunter-prey version? No way. Or maybe I am in a Young Adult novel and my journey will start soon. I can’t wait for the prophecy of some sort. Now, I think just need sleep. A lot of sleep.


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