Review: The Library of Unrequited Love

The Library of Unrequited Love
The Library of Unrequited Love by Sophie Divry

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“On the bus, I see all these zombies. One with his iPod, another on his mobile, number three fiddling with his tablet. None of these morons reads a book on the bus. Never. That would be too much effort. And then you expect them to come round here looking for education? No, not a chance, just look at them, brains switched off.”

I read books when I’m comfortable or in the mood for it. So when you see me fiddling with my tablet, it doesn’t mean I am a zombie moron whose brain switched off. I could also be reading an ebook. Either way, you shouldn’t judge people just because they are not reading a book or something.
I get what the author meant but the persona comes across as judgmental and it’s like implying that readers are better than everyone else? ugh.

The book is a monologue of a traditional librarian. If it’s in real life, I might smile at her and go elsewhere or tell her to shut her pie hole. She rambles a lot. I like the information she gives but I hate how she can be a smug at times. Well, it is a book so it is okay. The idea is refreshing but it doesn’t give much appeal to me. I somewhat pity the librarian because of her rants and her unrequited love. Nothing more.

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