Vietnam trip: arts in Hanoi (part V)

March 24, 2016 – Day 4

I planned to watch Thang Long Water Puppet in Hà Nội before going to Vietnam. My friend, however, do not really like the idea. So, I was plotting how I could convince (force) him to watch it with me. The only problem was I forgot where exactly I saw the location near Hoan Kiem Lake.

One night, we were strolling at the streets of Hanoi to buy stuff we could bring home. We reached a corner of the street and saw old foreigners, Westerners, gathering. I always think I am not a foreigner haha. Alas! The place was a theatre for water puppets!! It was going to start any moment. We hesitated a little bit but I went to the reception table and asked the woman for two tickets. She said the tickets were already sold out. I was too disappointed to understand what she was telling me. She was pointing to a paper with seat numbers. She said that they were selling extra tickets for extra seats. I was not sure if I understand her. She pointed at the back part of the theatre and asked if I want it. Of course, I like it. She gave us tickets with a lower price in it. I thought we will be seated on a poor location. But no, we were actually close to the stage. We were provided a plastic mono block chairs while the normal seats have cushions. I don’t really mind. I was too happy sitting close to the stage.
There were three musicians performing on each side. The water puppets were in the middle of the stage.

the turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake

We literally did not understand what they were singing and saying but we understand what they meant. The play was about Vietnamese culture and their way of life. It also showed their legend about the turtle and Hoan Kiem Lake.

here’s a video I took.


On the 22th day of March 2016, we went to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. It was interesting to see. Their instruments, old houses, clothes, and weapons were a little familiar. I can see some resemblances of their culture with our country.

 I observed that Hanoi is very supportive to their local artists. I can see local art and crafts in everywhere streets. I admire them. I hope the Philippines also does this.

We visited a lacquer art store where the artists were making their crafts on the spot. Here is the step-by-step process they make to form the final lacquerware product. 
 Here were the final products. I was amazed by it, however I did not buy anything because I am not sure if my clumsiness will bring it back home in one piece and if my budget could allow me to. For that moment, I just took photos in awe.

♡ P

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