3rd stop

The train came after their fifteen minutes of waiting.
“Amanda, take this seat,” Jorlan said.
“No, you take that seat,” she said.
“I’m giving it to you”
“You’re the first to get there, so you sit there,” said Amanda giving him a little push.
Jorlan sighed and sit down. As he looked around, it seems like all the people were looking at him. 
“She’s a feminist”, he said with a weak smile.
The passengers continued to mind their own businesses.
Jorlan looked at Amanda standing close to the door. This girl makes him crazy. He always gets surprised in every little things. He can’t predict what goes on her mind, but he likes it. 
Jorlan pulled her closer to him.
“What?” she said.
“This is embarrassing”
“I thought you know me by now,” she said smiling.
“Yes, but still…”
“You should’ve thought about that before liking me…completely”
He knew that Amanda was teasing him. He also knew, however, that she knows what she’s doing. It all goes down to the gender equality that Amanda really lives through. He can hear her voice in his head saying, “Why do men have to give seats for women? It’s gentlemanly of them but I think it’s just a show off. Men should offer seats to old persons or those who really need it like disabled, pregnant, etc.”
They were silent until the train slowed down.

The doors opened and passengers filled the empty spaces.
“Hey! what are you doing?”, Amanda asked.
Jorlan dragged her down. He locked her with his arms, planted on his lap. Amanda tried to escape but Jorlan held her tightly. 
“Don’t stand anymore. You’ll be squeezed in there. It’s rush hour”
He hovered his head over her left shoulder then moved his head towards her. 
“This is embarrassing”, she said. She looked down while blushing.
“I also thought know me by now”
She felt his warmth. This guy makes her crazy. She always gets surprised in every little things. She can’t predict what goes on his mind, but she likes it. 
Jorlan nuzzled her neck.
Amanda gasped. “Jorlan, stop that! This is really embarrassing”, she whispered.
“Oh-kay” he said smiling at her and letting his clutches loose.
Amanda blushed beet red. She knew that Jorlan was teasing her. She also knew that Jorlan understood and accepted her. Not all feminists are like her, she just have another way of thinking. Even Jorlan had a hard time getting her heart but he did.
Amanda stood and made her way through the crowd.
“Excuse me, passing through”, said Jorlan.
The train was slowing down for another stop. 
He placed his hands on Amanda’s shoulders while whistling a tune.
“Let me carry your bag”
“You don’t have to, it’s not heavy”
Jorlan’s fingers made its way to the strap of her shoulder bag.
“Jorlan…we’ve already talked about this. I’ll tell you when I need help”
He removed his hands and hugged her from behind.
The door opened.

story i wrote some years ago


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