Vietnam trip: Hà Nội city (part IV)

March 22, 2016 – Day 3 in Vietnam

It’s time to visit the tourist spots in Hà Nội. The weather did not cooperate! It was drizzling a bit and the fogs were everywhere. I don’t think I saw the sun here in Hà Nội.

We went to Tran Quoc Pagoda. It is Hà Nội‘s oldest pagoda. It has been rebuilt many times.

Here am I. I never get prepared for pictures. But the background is great.

Monks were buried here. The higher rank they were into, the higher their tombs were.


It was a perfect timing to see this monk solemnly praying. I just took one photo because I might distract him.

They offer tons of food like fruits and chocopie (snacks). There were beers also. Vietnamese burn incenses and money for their God. They said burning money is a hobby here.

It gets a little awkward when there a lot of tourists while there are locals who go there to pray for real.

This selfie was taken outside the other praying area.

Vietnamese women pray to have husbands there. Their culture gives pressure to that kind of thing. If I’m Vietnamese, I probably would pray to get married also. Maybe.
the entrance of the temple

This is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, final resting place of Ho Chi Minh. I took this picture from the back. If you want to enter it, you have to be there on a very early hour before so many tourists and locals arrive. Look at the subsequent photos and see what I mean.


I didn’t get the end of the line but you can see how long it was.

There were little kids greeting us “hi” and “hello.” There were also high school students and older people. I think there were tourists, too. I can’t wait that long to enter it so I am okay here outside. I can understand the people waiting in line because of how important Ho Chi Minh is to their lives and history. Modern Vietnam was established here.

The yellow Presidential Palace of Ho Chi Minh. The Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh used to live and work in these quarters. Two houses and a collection of cars can be seen here.

One Pillar Pagoda

A childless emperor dreamed of having a baby given by a god seated on a lotus flower. It came true, so he built this. It resembles a lotus which is a Buddhist symbol of purity. But this picturesque sight is a replica. The original pagoda was blasted by the French peeps.

Next, we went to Temple of Literature. It is devoted to Confucious and used to serve as Hanoi’s first university.

There were students having pictorials for their graduation.These are stelae the with the name of scholars.

Turtles were their symbol of longevity and wisdom. The students used to rub the head of the turtles in order to pass them exams. It was also said that they rub it with money. This day, however, they placed a barrier to preserve the turtles.

This is the Temple of the Jade Mountain. The temple is devoted to Confucian & Taoist scholars. Hoan Kiem Lake

Old legend says that Vietnamese emperor returned the sword to the golden turtle here; sword that banished the Chinese. (If this doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what will. lol)

♡ P

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