Vietnam trip: Halong Bay (part III)

March 21, 2016 – Day 2 in Vietnam

We booked a tour with the help of our hotel. It was three hours of travel going to Halong Bay. It was definitely worth it! We spent another hour for a stopover at ABC Stopover. We ate lunch before we arrived our destination. The sun was nowhere to be found.

Halong Bay is one othe UNESCO Heritage sites. I can’t miss the chance to see this wonder work of nature. It is really beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuul~!! Thousands of small islands are scattered along the bay – each of them is unique.

  I am waiting for Aang.

  We chose the bamboo boat ride over kayak. I’m not so sure with the kayak because of my unathletic skills and paranoia. I might not get back or it might get unbalanced and I’ll die, I can’t swim.  lol. My friend can’t do anything about it because you can’t just kayak alone. Maybe next time.

    The man who rowed our boat can’t speak in English so he made non-verbal signs like he would take our photo. He took our photos thrice or four times. He was putting his hands together under one side of his neck like he was sleeping. I did not understand it. What he meant was we should not close our eyes like we’re sleeping. My eyes were closed at the first shot he took. In the second shot, it was my friend Arbin who was sleeping lol.

  This was the other side of concave we went to. The man did a gesture of hovering his hand over his face. The rock formation looks like faces!! Thanks, manong.
 This is what we looked like riding on a bamboo boat.

Here is the video I made.

After the boatride, we were led to a cave called Tien Cung. The entrance fee was 50,000 VND. It’s more or less 100 PhP. The cave was large and looked like it was properly maintained. Colorful lights were placed inside. The color combo was giving a disco-like ambiance lol but it was okay, it made it more interesting…I guess.          look at the tourists! (me included)

   Look at the stalactites and stalagmites. It has beauty on their own. I just wish I could remember what I learned about this stuff in college!If you think that this thing looks inappropriate, nothing’s wrong; that’s what they also think. They call it Fairy Breast but it was changed after it was presented to the whole world. Ask me. I don’t remember the other name of that. Fairy breast it is. This was the view at the top of the cave.

 These islets are called the Fighting Cocks. We passed by them before going home.

♡ P

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