pre-Vietnam trip (part I)

I knew nothing of Vietnam, more so Hanoi, until my friend Clai gave me the option of going there instead of entering Cambodia. A ticket to Vietnam costs less than Cambodia, and we can ride train or bus to go to the other country she said. That was the original plan. When I was researching for our itinerary, I was bombarded with new information about Cambodia and Vietnam. I want to explore each country thoroughly. If you don’t know me, I like to organize itinerary that contains every single tourist destinations. I like to squeeze everything in the trip. When I say everything, I mean EVERY thing. My family can attest to it. They give up to my super hectic itinerary. I believe that it will be the only time I could go to a certain place, so why won’t I make the most out of it? Back to the previous topic. I was stoked to see that Philippine Peso costs more than Vietnamese Dong. I could afford it and enjoy with less expense than other countries. So, I suggested to focus on Vietnam trip and gladly, my friends agreed. We booked the flights and made hotel reservations. We organized our stuff and we were ready to go. We were so excited!!
But…an unfortunate thing happened.

The week before our trip began, my friend’s dad had a heart attack and passed away. As I found out about the dreadful news, my heart shrank and sank low. Organizing things weren’t as fun as it was before. We booked a cheaper hotel room, and changed the itinerary to minimum. It’s sad but that was how the things went.
To recompense the feelings of sadness, I made a substitute companion.

Arbin and I met to checked-in our baggages at the same time. The travel tax was P1625. We went to pass immigration thereafter. We took the shortest line for the immigration officer’s approval so we could enter the boarding gate sooner. Lucky, right? So we thought. Everything seems fine until a woman at my back gruntled that she was going to be late. We finally noticed that the immigration officer in our queue was having a terrific time to be serious and taking her oh-so-sweet time. She was interviewing each person slowly and asked too much follow-up questions. Hey, nothing is wrong there…except when people on the other side of the queues already entered their boarding gate! Even those people who went waaaaaaay later than us in the baggage queue previously. Note to self: if the line is short, don’t give your full trust. Most likely it’s a trap!

It’s 1:04am and I am typing this in the airplane to Hanoi, Vietnam (to published later). We got more or less 30 minutes to arrive.

♡ P

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