Barbie’s new image [late post]

Mattel came up with new body shapes, skin tones and hair.
As I saw it, I am really glad. It’s about time!

However, when I read people’s comments about it, most of it were negative. I think I was the one with a positive view. It’s sickening. Instead of replying to all the repeated negative comments, I will like to address it all here.
#1 They say that every people in this generation is too sensitive to everything.

Let me ask you something, isn’t it about time to be sensitive? Isn’t it about time to nurture your child with sensitivity while they are still young? 
#2 They say that Mattel only did this to gain more money.

Of course they did. What company will make things and not gain from it? What kind of company are you having if it won’t grow? However, you have to admit that it is a great innovation.
#3 They say that they never mind Barbie’s body when they played it when they were young so it does not matter.

Well…me, too. But, don’t you think the features of Barbie were instilled in your brain UNCONSCIOUSLY when you were little? Maybe you prefer white skin and perfect look more often than not. We will never be sure. Isn’t it nice to have varieties, and recognition of different features and races?
#4 Some say that they even play Bratz with big heads so they don’t care about having its features.

Good for you, past children. The issue is why do you have to be negative about Barbie’s new products?
#5 The guys say that the superheroes and figures do not have proportionate bodies, too.

Yeah. But the thing that makes this event celebrated is that Barbie’s body is always known to have the “perfect” body which was her only quality. You can dress her make her pretty and make own story. On the other hand, the figures and superheroes have super fucking powers, back stories, stories/adventures from comics or episodes. The reason why you mostly play it because of their super powers and story. Not really because of how chiseled their jaws are or how their abs stick out. If that will be the case, you might be weirded about their fashion sense of wearing undies outside.


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