Wanderland 2016 + rants

I went to Wanderland music fest today at Globe Circuit Makati, Philippines. I had mixed emotions about it this year. I like it and I hate it.  

I like it because I enjoyed listening and singing with artists I like. For Filipino indie music, I am a fan of Jensen and the Flips, they were actually influenced by my sister. I like their chill and jazzy type songs. Next, San Cisco. They are the reason why I actually bought the ticket. I also enjoyed the performance of Naked and the Famous. It was surprising for me because I think I am not drawn to their music when I listen to their album. However, I like their song “Young Blood.” I must say that they are better in live performance! I really like them. I also like Wanderland for its one price for many concerts.



 After the fun part, here are my rants. I hate it because the people this year are numerous and maybe twice or thrice than those who attended last year. In connection with that, the organizer/s must have overlooked that and they, more or less, fail to accommodate all. There were also shortage on foods and drinks. The tap system was a hassle. The coupon way last year was much better because this year, people wasted time queuing to load their chips and wasted another time on queuing to buy foods. Moreover, they separated food stalls from drinks stalls. Come on, now! What are we attending to, a music fest of patient endurance queuing?? Also, the sequence of performers might not be given much thought. The artists with lively performance and those with mellow should have been arranged in their appropriate time. What is appropriate? It is where it fits the atmosphere and mood of the audience. During daytime, the people were casually chilling and lounging on their mats. Night time, on the other hand, is where party type of people go berserk (By using the word berserk does not deviate from the real happening). I was disappointed when Bon Iver came to perform–not because of their performance but because of the people sticking too close to each other. What the hell?! Urk. I was so annoyed, weirded out, and a bit disgusted with the crowd. For a moment there, it feels like I’m in a train on a rush hour and saying goodbye to Ms. Personal Space. What more, a group squeeze themselves in front of me. They accomplished it by walking one by one. Of course you might think they were merely passing by, but no, they wanted to be closer to the stage (and disgustingly closer to you). I don’t mind people getting close on concerts BUT if it is not a rock/lively type of performance I see no reason to get fcuking close. Do you get what I mean? Bon Iver’s music is chill and not to be made with the environment of mosh pit! Bon Iver should have been on an earlier time like afternoon or after sunset. The lively party songs in the afternoon could have been on the later part.

For what it’s worth, I noticed that people in the night time of the event gets rude. I don’t know if they are different set of people. Last year, there were those who sat in our mat (it’s okay) then spilled liquid in it (not okay) and didn’t even say sorry (not not okay). Also, there are those who intentionally bumped themselves to us just to be in their preferred spot. Rude people, not cool. This time, there were people stepping other people’s foot and not even sorry. Another annoying thing is when they step again and again. If I would’ve been my friend that they steeped on, I wouldn’t let it go. I might also have strangled them if I was told in an earlier time.

♡ P


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