Online shopping review: YesStyle

As per usual: I am NOT, in any way, affiliated with YesStyle. I am posting this to help other people who might stumble here for having no idea but wanting to try online shopping; like me before.

Caveat: this review is personal so your experience might be different.

The site has an organized and helpful category tabs.  It filters relevant key words unlike other sites’ search engine. Searching here is such a breeze.
Okay, let’s look for a dress.

There are so many lovely options to choose from! The prices are even lower than the clothes I see in the local stores. Most of the clothes have available sizes. To prevent heartbreaks, you can search clothes by size.

The sizes are smaller than European & American sizes. They also cater “larger” sizes up to 5XL. My sister, who is size XS, sometimes becomes L size here in YesStyle. It’s insane! My size here is of course, super big lol. But no worries, I like their clothes.

The prices sometimes vary on other sizes.    

The site caters Asian clothings. If you look for cheap clothes, you can have them. However, do not expect high quality goods if you choose the cheap ones. On the other hand, you can score. To prevent disappointment, you can read customers’ reviews. This is a nice feature of the site.

I like this one.

Shipping is free if you reach P1800.00 (It depends on the currency). My sister and I ordered many stuff through credit card.



I thought the Bureau of Customs won’t charge tax becuase it does not contain gadgest and other shit that they require tax to. I don’t know if they gave us tax because of the articles in our box or because of the weight or because we live in the province or because their eyes got heated by the bulk we order or because of the expense we spent for buying it. The possibilities are endless. They did not even explain how they charged us. I ask the delivery man and he did not know it himself. It’s all the Customs’ doing. They tax in their discretion. I hate our government. I can’t feel and see where our taxes go.

ANYWAY, unboxing

All clothes are packed in separate plastics.

The quality is good. I would wear it separately and can use it with different clothes. I didn’t like the holes at first glance. The holes are bigger than I expected but the sweater is nice when worn. The sweater is thin. It works in favor of me because Philippines is a tropical country (I think the non-Asians might not like this thin characteristic).

Read reviews about the products. The reviews are honest and true. The members write reviews because the site gives points for reviews. You will know if the product is true to the picture and if the quality is good.

-helpful & relevant search engines
-many choices
-size availability
-honest customers reviews
-daily free gift
-has cheaper prices
-nice quality (so far, for what we bought)
-free delivery if P1800 & up

-longer waiting (but worth it)

Rating: 4.5 shopping bags out of 5 shopping bags 🛍🛍🛍🛍


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