Online shopping review: Lazada

This is my second review of an online shopping site (because I’m bored).

Again: I am NOT, in any way, affiliated with Lazada Philippines. I am posting this to help other people who might stumble here for having no idea but wanting to try online shopping; like me before.

Caveat: this review is personal so your experience might be different.

Lazada has it all. Look at those selections they offer.


But fcuk it! Imma buy here. There are those cash on delivery, right?

The category tab has so many check boxes. It might be a really helpful filter to screen what I really want! So, I’m going to try short sleeve dresses.

Uhmm…I think I have to sort by “relevance.”

After some minutes, look! There’s a dress I like with my size. The sizes are correct also. But, cash on delivery not available?? Do you think I’m going to risk my 1208 pesos? Nuh-ugh, honey.

Change item.

I needed a mini tripod for my camera. I haven’t seen anything available in the malls. Why not look here?

You tried, search engine.

This is the cheapest mini tripod but why not cash on delivery available?! It’s a lot lower than my earlier concern but I have trust issues. Why am I doing this to myself? I shouldn’t have looked at this site. It will only break my heart. Tut tut. What am I talking about, again?

I found another one with cash on delivery available. However, I have an additional fee for delivery on province. Booooooo!

I am liking it.

To ensure your purchase, look for “cash on delivery available.” If you can’t help but buy from those cod not available, check the distributor and search if it is a legit seller. Remember, better safe than sorry.


-they have all the categories (I suppose)

-local = tax free & faster delivery

-cash on delivery on some items


-no cash on delivery when it ships from abroad

-risky; bad reputation

-weird search engine (paasang search engine)

-additional fee for delivery in the province

Rating: 3 shopping bags out of 5 shopping bags 🛍🛍🛍

[international online shops next time]


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