Online shopping review: Zalora Ph

Just when I thought my blog couldn’t get any more random, I am now blogging about online shopping.

I am NOT, in any way, affiliated with Zalora Philippines. I am posting this to help other people who might stumble here for having no idea but wanting to try online shopping; like me before.

Caveat: this review is personal so your experience might be different.

 So yeah, I logged in to their site. I want to buy a dress. Zalora has this nice category filter tab on the left. In brick and mortar boutiques, my UK size runs around 12 to 14. I like that flowy floral dress. It has my size!

What happened to the size? It became XS-L. So, I looked at the size details. Supposing the UK size 14 is available, it should have been the size L, right? But look at the bust and waist circumference. It should be bigger than that. Okay, maybe their UK size is different than shops in the mall.

I don’t want to risk-buy the UK size 14 to L. Bye bye, dress!

I clicked the “Plus Size” category. UK size 12 & 14 are also there. So I clicked both.

Wow. I have so many dresses to choose from!

Yeah, Zalora, you already lose 1 shopping bag.


My sister wanted to buy a bag from Zalora. I got tempted and also bought one.

  nice packaging


This black  envelope contains the order transaction plus the process if you will ever need to return the purchased products.

  I like the plastic wrap details in the buckles. It shows the careful handling of the product.
 Here’s the bag. I like it. It can be a shoulder bag or a backpack. It depends on where you will place the straps.


Always read the details like sizes and availability.


-cash on delivery

-free delivery if over P995

-local = tax free & faster delivery

bonus pro: the delivery guy in our area is so friendly and talkative.


-weird sizing with clothes

-not all sizes are available (same with footwear)

Rating: 3.5 shopping bags out of 5 shopping bags 🛍🛍🛍


2 thoughts on “Online shopping review: Zalora Ph

    • phoibee says:

      Hi! I haven’t tried yet. Some brands in Zalora are not in Goods, and vice versa. I think you should check both sites if they have the available product then compare the prices. Zalora has a cash on delivery option also. 🙂

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