Postcrossing Philippines meetup 2016

Postcard swapping became my hobby since the last months of 2014. Like my other vices, *coughs* hobbies *coughs* it takes too much of my time and my money! However, the joy it gives me can never be replaced by any other. Have you ever had a long tiring day and after going home you saw a mail, other than bills, just for you? Have you ever had a friendly correspondence with someone from the other side of the world? Have you ever wonder what places look like in other countries and learn about new cultures? If you answer no in all of these questions and you want it be otherwise, you have to try snailmailing or postcard swapping. Moreover, it is the cheaper alternative for traveling. It can serve temporary or not.


 My good friend Dominique spoils me much! 

I introduced my friend to this hobby by sending her a postcard. I’m glad she is also enjoying it. We exchange postcards and stationeries once in a while. This month, we joined the Postcrossing Philippines meetup in University of Sto. Tomas. We were late but the amount of warmth on welcoming us did not lessen.

   Signatures of the attendees

I know how Postcrossing meetup goes because I received a Postcrossing meetup postcard from China before. But, I did not know how the actual meetup feels like, and how overwhelming and busy we are for signing all the postcards. It feels like I’ve signed 200 postcards on that day! Not really feels like, I think it’s close to the actual amount if not exactly.

freebies from Postcrossing Philippines meetup 2016

I am so happy to meet people who share the same interests with me. I got these stuff from the generous postcrossers. Thank you so much! I really had fun chatting with them. We also had a campus tour and picture taking.

class picture (hehe) taken by Willi Monzon

group selfie taken by Jonathan Blaza

♡ P


2 thoughts on “Postcrossing Philippines meetup 2016

  1. Ines says:

    That’s so cool! I love postcards and I used to be a member of postcrossing, but then one year I had to move houses five times… and froze my account to make it easier. I should reactivate it 🙂

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