It’s the 25th of December 2015. I am sitting at the far corner of a hotel room. Of Monsters and Men album is on repeat. I’m excited to watch them perform live next year. My sister and my mother are sleeping on a large white bed at the center of the room. The white bed sheet engulfs their whole body like a snow on pathways; pathways in other countries. I haven’t seen any snow in real life. Philippines has a tropical weather. It’s 5:48 in the morning. Oh yeah, it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas.
I remember Christmas last year. It was the grandest Christmas I will ever have. It’s probably not exaggerated. Many things happened in a year that I will never thought will. I changed schools. I went back to our province. I worried about finance. I had problems with my family. I tried applying makeup. I bought an expensive thing. I made new friends. Maybe that is the thing about life, nothing will always be the same. I accepted everything.
I watch these fishes swimming in an aquarium. I am wondering what they think. Do they even think? I somewhat pity them for being displayed and doing nothing but swim and eat. Maybe they thought they are going places but in reality they are going on and on in one large glass container. Just like me. Maybe.



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