Review: Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil

Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil
Manet Paints Monet: A Summer in Argenteuil by Willibald Sauerlander

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’ve always been fascinated about Claude Monet & Édouard Manet’s works. I read about Impressionism so Monet is not foreign to me. However, I only knew little about Manet.

The book served as a timeline of events started on war, which Manet volunteered as National Guard, up to the time he met Monet in Argenteuil. The book emphasized the difference of their styles. I like the juxtaposition of both artists. Monet mostly focused on nature while Manet focused on people. I was a little surprised to learn that they were friends. All I know was that Monet idolized Manet but he intended to surpass the skills of Manet. Funny how I thought they were vying for being the best artist and had an unhealthy relationship.

The book also includes images of their paintings and some details of when Manet and Monet did their paintings. I like how the author wrote some explanations and stories. But I don’t like it when he describes every paintings because it is very clear to see. The paintings say it all, no need for excessive descriptions.

I got an ebook from NetGalley for an honest review.

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