Review: Dust And Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

Dust And Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting
Dust And Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting by Eilon Paz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My late grandfather left us his vinyl records. As I was browsing it, I remember him listening to music and turning up the volume to full blast. He even set up two large speakers. I also remember feeling embarrassed whenever he did that because I was thinking that the neighbors and the people walking outside might think we were too braggart about it. Maybe that’s just the way my grandfather enjoyed music. Or he might be the type of collector who was proud. Like me.

I am not into vinyl but I know what collectors feel like. I collect so many cassette tapes when I was little. I collect books, mangas, and postcards today. Like Jeff Mao said, I take a twisted pride in impractical. I still want to have something to look at and to hold, even if I ran out of space or other more logical reasons.

Dust and Grooves made me want to buy a turntable and collect records (I just hope I have the money to afford another obsession). Eilon Paz captured wonderful images of passionate collectors in their sanctuaries. Different backgrounds, races, and continents were united by one interest: record collecting. The feelings of the collectors passed beyond the pages. Their references might flew over me and I might be out of place with their interviews but the passion is easily felt and understood.

The experience was different but I searched online and listened to some of their recommended records. I commend Eilon Paz for making this and I commend every collector for their dedication. I enjoyed the book. Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.

Here are some of my favorites:

Philip Osey Kojo hasn’t listened to his records for over 30 years since his turntable needle worn out. In this photo, he was rediscovering his collection.

Sheila Burgel collects 45s of girl artists & groups. She even learned Japanese because of Jpop.


Joe Bussard, the King of 78s, hates Rock and Roll.


funny cover of a Filipino group

A cutting-edge saw blade record!

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