Review: You Don’t Say

You Don't Say
You Don’t Say by Nate Powell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Intersecting lives shape each other only to become footnotes”

This is a type of graphic novel I don’t usually read. Whenever I finish reading every story in this collection, the stories leave me forlorn. It gives me a sense of longing and sometimes emptiness. The lines are overwhelming and some can pass off as written pieces instead of using the graphic platform.

The artist succeeds in transmitting the ink of his art while bleeding his emotions. The generosity of his inking corroborates the loneliness and darkness of the theme. My favorites are Cakewalk, Conjurers, and Havens Have Nots. The artist’s progress through time is visible. In reading this artwork, it feels like the artist doesn’t care if you understand him, he just wants you to listen.

Thanks NetGalley & Diamond Book Distributors for the eARC.

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