Whenever I get a problem I try to face it bravely, whatever it made be. However, I don’t care whatever the consequences I will get after. I don’t think the whole thing through. Sometimes it might be dangerous but that’s just what I am. I am not trying to justify my recklessness but I’m acknowledging one of my faults. I think more about the present than the future. I live by the saying, “cross the bridge when you get there.” I worry about my future sometimes but it just steals my happiness and it spoils my time. So I didn’t become a fan. I confront whoever I need to confront. So, I don’t get people who avoid problems. It makes me annoyed and frustrated to witness those people specially when I am involved, directly or indirectly, to the problem. I’m typing this because I am stalling a not-thought-through action. Another bridge is getting closer to my path.


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