10 things I hate

1) weak internet connection
I get frustrated with it. Might as well not have it.

2) crying babies or toddlers in the plane
I can’t stand it especially if the flight is so long and of course, I can’t do anything about it.

2.1) …when the parents do not do anything about it
It is the parents’ responsibility to entertain their toddlers. Give them activities, talk to them, entertain or distract them. Give babies milk or sing them to sleep.

3) when you get past your insecurities, then someone brings it up again
I mean, c’mon…

4) racists, sexists, and homophobes
I don’t know why it’s easy to dismiss the issues that doesn’t concern you. But at least be a human.

4.1) cat-calling, perverts, and sexual abusers

5) judgmental about grades & academics
I don’t care if you f*cking got those degrees or if some people didn’t had a chance to study. Just give respect to people and be kind!

6) social climbers
Why do you seek a place on hierarchy? Is it worth it to get worked up with that?

7) imitators and copy cats
Imitation is not the highest flattery. It’s f*cking annoying and ridiculous. Why do like to be someone else? Poor you, who could be yourself?

8) lost mail
Where do the lost letters and postcards went to?

9) fair-weather friends
You’re here only when you need me. FYI I’m aware of what you are.

10) corrupt politicians
I wish one day they wake up and their souls are inside the bodies of the oppressed and the disadvantaged. Be it a month before they could go back to their original bodies.


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