Feminism, own it.

I showed the class a funny Youtube video about feminism.
“Is there anything wrong about the video?”
No one answered.
“So you all agree to what he said?”
Some people nodded.
“It was when he said feminism are women. Men could also be feminists.”
I asked a guy in front, “Are you a feminist?”
“No”, he said.
“Do you support equal rights for women?”
“Then you are one”
The whole class was somewhat thrilled by that revelation. Haha.
Then I continued with my PowerPoint presentation about the history and went on.

I was in my third year of college when our class was divided into groups to report about histories and movements. The group that I belonged to was not grade conscious and was not into reporting, the kind of my group actually. So we were free to choose a topic. I picked Feminism movement because I said it’s the most interesting, the shortest topic among our group, and basically I’m a female. I really really really really really really really really hate reporting or talking in front of many people in general. But I am so glad that I reported this one. I became interested with it and realized that you can be either a feminist or a stupid being. Little did I know, it was the start of my belief.

I am not the feminist who won’t shave anything because she doesn’t want to be boxed into conformity that the society expects her to be. But I get the point, I think when you are a feminist, you can choose whatever you want–no restrictions. Even if I am not like that feminist, I respect her decision. It all goes down to: Not all people are alike. So not all feminists are alike.

If equality is what the feminists aim, why not call it humanist?
*crackles the knuckles* It dates back from the past. Men were considered as the superior beings than women. In some cultures, women can’t even allowed to leave their house. Fortunately, brave women made the feminist movement to have the right to vote and to be permitted to work (What the heck right?). The movement still goes on with heavier issues because sexist issues are still at large. The name of the movement and the movement itself survived. But there are still people who are being sexist just because of the name of the movement. Some people boxed feminists as male hater. Even some women hate feminism. I can’t understand why.

My country, the Philippines, is one of the countries with machismo traditions and patriarchal society. It’s really hard to be a feminist here. If I will state my opinion, in real life or online, they will say that I’m too much or is it the time of the month? Why am I too serious about this stuff? They don’t understand that these things & issues that they call “little” are the ones who builds up the society. Then they will label me as “feminist”. I was just stating my opinion that they should be more sensitive to issues and be, you know, better person. It reached the point that I was fed up to it. Okay, fine. I am a feminist. So I’m owning it. There is nothing wrong about it anyway.

♡ P


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