Calligraphy newbie

In my school, we were once required to have a fountain pen which should be used during examinations. I was with my father when he bought me one. I’m in awe with the elegance it has. Then I had a thought that any fountain pen can produce calligraphy style look. It was a bummer when the pen just produced the usual look. But, it produced smoother writing than ordinary pens.

I researched about it and encountered calligraphy pen. I bought a cheap version. I practiced it but it still felt the same. I thought every calligraphy pen could produce copperplate look or even fine hairs if I practice more. I don’t have any clue at all. I was such a newbie, the most newbie of the newbies, but I was determined to acquire a great skill on calligraphy (still does). Little did I know that I was a little wrong with the writing materials. The nib I should use should have been the flexible ones. Its price, however, is too expensive for me. I researched again and learned about dip pens.

I bought a Speedball C-series. And yes, it still did not produce what I wanted to achieve. I researched further and saw different kinds of nibs. I have only one problem: there is not enough stores selling nibs here in the Philippines. Luckily, I saw a giveaway by Labellascrittura and joined. My 5-line entry was picked as one of the winners and my happiness cannot be contained. I told anyone I saw that day (I mean friends & family). I finally have the materials I need to achieve my calligraphy goal! LOL. Regarding other pens, I can still use them for other font styles like Old English and the like. 😉

My first try:

(pretty lame lol)

more of my practice:

I love Andrea Gibson’s poems.

Old English style

Ed Sheeran’s Afire Love

♡ P


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