Summer Komikon 2014

It’s the 10th Komikon! Yay~!
If I’m not mistaken, this the 2nd Summer Komikon.

Some things are still the same.
1) Comics enthusiasts go nuts with sale graphic novels they collect.
2) Manix Abrera’s very long line of fans *coughs* like me *coughs*
3) Famous artists signing books
4) Artists drawing on the spot for commissions
5) Indie comic artists and new artists promulgating their works to the world of comics
6) It leaves our purses light and/or empty (; ̄O ̄)


I went with komikon first timers, Benj and Dom.

These hands work magic. Asteeg. Haha.

Manix Abrera is the main reason why I attend Komikon. #fangirl
The queue of fans is always expected to be long but I don’t know why it still astounds me when I see it. In this event, they made a rule that for every one person is equivalent to two books (i.e. the newest + other book). Luckily, I brought my whole Kikomachine series last year! Volume 1-8, plus the silent comics “12”, two mini books he illustrated, and the latest at that time, kikomachine komix 9. Imagine how irritated the fans after me. lol. I said sorry to the guy after me. But he said it was cool with him, he knows the feeling.

An obligatory photo with Manix \m/

I planned to make him sign the latest plus my copy of his illustrated children’s book. However, Dom did not ask for a number and it was too late because she will most likely be in the last. So, I share my slot with her. I know there will be another Komikon this year. 🙂


I like how I somewhat influence her to try Kikomachine komix, and I wanted her to enjoy the hype of the Komikon just like what I felt last year.


If you already know I collect translated mangas, send me some! (and you probably know me). National Bookstore gave 20% off with their mangas and graphic novels. The actual price in the market costs P300+ to P700. Still, I didn’t buy here because of the cons: 1. the mangas they have are mainstream series (so if you buy one, you will get sad for not buying the whole series); 2. mangas in other stalls costs P100-150. The pros are: 1. If you really like it, now’s the chance!; 2. they accept credit cards (it’s positive, right? i don’t have one);

local comics

drawings of random komikeros

Here are some local artists:

Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo

Apol Sta. Maria

Pol Medina, Jr.

Gerry Alanguilan


Ang Mascot

We watched a short film starring Ketchup Eusebio, Alessendra de Rossi, Ramon Bautista, and Pen Medina. The story is about Ketchup getting annoyed with his job as a mascot, but he can’t say no because it is what his boss Ramon wanted him to do. A cartoon bird flies to his foot and gets his attention. He gets annoyed and the bird flies. He is really irritated with kids so it is funny to watch. He shows his middle fingers inside the costume, Jolly Bird, while kids go ballistic surrounding him.

We’re tired but we had fun!! Yay~! lol

Manix drew me hihi. He said, “Ang saya idrawing ang buhok mo”.

♡ P


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