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To compensate my agony over not having the chance to attend Art Fair this year, I went to Art in the Park at Salcedo Village, Makati City last Sunday.


Budding artists, known artists, and art enthusiasts gathered for this event. What made it special was that people can recognize great new artists, discover new found art pieces, and appreciate art in general.

art installation at the entrance

People can even take home the art pieces their heart desires. The Art in the Park caters a wide range of prices for masterpieces. An artwork can be in a very affordable price like twenty pesos. It depends on what type of masterpiece and who created it, of course. They have all kinds of art works-from sketches to paintings, trinkets to big pieces, scraps to avant-garde, 2D to 3D-name it, they have it!

paintings from different colleges


A stall beside these potteries contained statutes of intricate sculptures which were delicate. A strong wind, however, blew an artwork of a wooden canvas near the said sculptures. BAM. All heads turned, alarmed, and disappointed to see the sculptures hit by the wood and broken on the floor. I think no one bought it yet.

My concern was the amount of time, effort and expense of the artist who made that. Is that easy for him/her to do that? How will he/she react? Another thing was the compensation and liablity. Is it sold? Well, it was a fortuitous event considering that the wind was known but inevitable and against the will of men. The nature of the thing, however, is in a very fragile state. If the people who were in charged in the artworks was told to take diligent care, they will be liable even if it was fortuitous (Blah blah just thinking about some law).

Iron heart with holes. Is this a metaphor of something? lol

Ral Arrogante’s. He is turning scraps into arts. How cool and environment-friendly is he!

I really like this painting. It seems like flowers but I can see ladies in it, isn’t it weird?

I really like this form of painting. It is 3D.

If you look closely, it’s like small mountains of colors. Or it could be heads of people, in the top view perspective. I like textures and colors. I saw paintings like this in the National Museum. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the artist here.


Tokwa Peñaflorida’s paintings. He is one of my favorite artist. I often blog about him here. The black haired girl in the right is a painting of his mom, Mayi.

A sketch of mine.
lol I’m just kidding.

How cute is this miniature furniture set. My eyes automatically looked at the little books props. I said, “pfffft.” Not that I dislike those books, I also read one of that. I was just expecting classics because of the sophisticated ambiance and style.


Talking about books, here are the book-looking arts. It deceived me for a moment until I entered and looked closer.

Whenever I see book crafts like this, I always have mixed emotions. At first I’m in awe then it shifts to WHY? it’s too precious. Generally, I would definitely hate crafts with books in it if: 1) expensive books were used, 2) brand new, or 3) if I read the book!! I can’t contain my feelings after I saw Conrad’s “craft” video. She literally cut the spines of the books. It was brand new A Series of Unfortunate Events!! Yeah, the series. She said it was for the box to look vintage. What I really don’t like about it was that she cut it for display. Nothing’s more stupid than those who pretend they read. And for heaven’s sake, if you want display, display the whole series maybe other people will read it.

Intermission lol This is another painting I like.

cute vintage Gentlemen clocks

New discovered artist. Raine Sarmiento.

I encountered Aldy Aguirre.

glass chess piece

Japanese scriptures

my Art in the Park loot:



Prints for now, real paintings when I got rich in the future! lol

I also saw Apol Sta. Maria and got my comic portrait.

♡ P


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