Hearts everywhere, chocolate stalls in malls, bouquet of colorful flowers on streets, red things, and sweet nothings–ah, it’s that time of the year again, Christmas. Well, I can barter this if you don’t like Valentine’s day.

Like my any other days, I bought stuff for myself. You know, we need to love ourselves. lol.

The 20th century art book & Vibrator
(it’s a coincidence to buy these books like it’s connected to the event. But I should not judge the book lol)

I don’t usually make a big deal when this day comes, but some of my friends were such bitter gourds and the people were everywhere! Eeeww people. But I needed to drown and suffocate myself to these creatures because of the reason on my next paragraph.

My favorite local artist Tokwa Peñaflorida held an event at Today x Future in Cubao. Of course I have to go (fangirl and lurk), so I’m thankful to have Clai to go along with.

It was my first time to go there, and my first time to go to such a place. If you already know me, you know how I don’t belong there. It’s not that it is bad. I’m socially awkward so when I’m in a crowd I don’t run circles to, I don’t feel comfy. I was also a bit surprised on the space of the venue, I thought it would be so big that we would not be noticed. I started to laugh even if there was nothing funny. I kept on telling Clai how I felt uneasy, awkward, and fidgety. I am so so weird (anyway, I need to control my nonsensical stories).

Packages of Meat
paper bag erotica



this is my most favorite.


Tokwa Peñaflorida signing postcards

his signature


postcards we bought

Tokwa asked if I got the postcard of the artwork I really like. Kyaaah! He remembered me because I sent a private message to him before. I spelled my name to him and he said, “tapos mali pala spelling sa lahat.” Haha.


I got a fancy of giving fake names because my name’s misspelled very often. Now that I’m with a bookworm friend, we decided to name ourselves as characters in novels we read. Ergo:

Luna was chosen by Clai. Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. I captured it with the sexy lips postcard which she really likes. I’m sorry, I can’t help it haha.

I chose Scarlett but then the name was still misspelled. The barista said that he never encountered such a name, and it seems like he was in awe with it. He even told me that “my name” is so seductive. I just gave him a smile, and then he said Happy Valentine’s day.


♡ P


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