Blind date with a book

Valentine’s day is around the corner. What is the better way to celebrate it than to pass the love? My bookish friends and I made plans to share the love and celebrate it (i.e. an excuse to get together). On this day, we went to Cafe 1771 to ransack the place. Kidding. We held a blind date with a book. It is choosing a covered book to bring home with limited clues only. Hence, the blind date. It’s for trying new books or new genres. Biena twisted the rules, to have victor who will win a prize, and made us guess what books we have.

Here’s my covered book:

it looks like a pokeball lol

When you pull the white paper on the right, you will see the dog named Laika. It’s a clue to my book.


This is what my book is seeking:

“I want an open minded reader who will not judge anything that is written inside me. I want someone who is adventurous to seek new places; someone I will guide but prefers to go with instinct. That someone is not afraid of getting lost. Also, someone who does not mind some mysteries and wonders that she/he can or cannot answer. If you want company, pick me. We can share our sentiments on love and life (and lust shhh)”, said the book.

Before I reveal my book, let me show you what I gave my friends:

chewing gum sticks
I chews you, get it? haha

This pretty much sums up the whole thing. The covered books were those for blind dating, other books were given to each other, and some wrapped books were gifts for birthday celebrants. The colored papers were from Zim, containing his scribbles or his art, for that matter. Then the journal I gave Kwesi, the bookmarks given by Kwesi, and those gums I gave way.

A closer look at Kwesi’s gift
Well, I was the one who covered it haha It’s the “catch” because our presents were Catcher in the Rye and Walang Diwata ng Pagkahulog. It’s catch and fall, if people will get it haha.

Zim’s art

Here are some photos we took:


me, Raechella, Clai, Kwesi, Biena, Yndi, Zim, Anna, and Nibra



In our game, Yndi was the victor. And I was right when I market my book to her. She picked my book!! Well, it’s also her favorite author so it’s good that she chose it.

Here’s my recommended book:

Sputnik Sweetheart

Laika is the very first living thing sent into space. For science purpose, the dog was sacrificed. It somewhat makes me feel lonely whenever I read this story. Anyway, that is the reason why it’s connected to the book. The satellite was named as Sputnik. As for the connection with the book, I’ll let you read to discover it.

Yndi’s prize was a hardbound book generously sponsored by Biena. The other lucky thing is that the owner of the chosen book also received a brand new hardbound book–me!


The choosing of the book continued. Clai chose Kwesi’s book, the book that I wanted. So I was left contemplating between Nibra’s or Yndi’s. I chose Yndi’s book. It was covered with red paper, and white tapes of hearts and borders. It was kind of hard to unwrap it. After that, I found myself unwrapping the thing again; this time, it’s covered with white tapes all over it! I take the “kind of hard to unwrap” back. I was pulling and pulling but it did not budge, I even planned to gnaw it or something haha. Good thing, Zim brought a scissors. Then, I unwrapped it yet again and again, and again. I remember when I was little, I also wrapped my presents like this, you know, for pranks haha.

Just So Stories
I’m so happy I got this book. I haven’t tried any Kipling yet, and this looks interesting.

It’s very important to Yndi. This is the day she bought this book. I told her that she is free to swap it with a new copy if she really wanted this copy haha. To be fair, my Sputnik Sweetheart was also my only copy (and it hurts to use ‘was’ or the ‘was once owned’ regarding that book). I can’t seem to find it in bookstores nowadays, a bad choice to recommend -.- But it’s a good thing that I can share it with another fan.

Biena asked us to write a love letter to anyone, however, it was not used. Well, it’s fine–more than fine haha. But here’s the 1/3 of it, just for me to remember.


If you are a book, how will you describe yourself?

I can’t think of one specific genre that will best describe me as a book, so I choose to be a series. πŸ˜›
First, I will be pain in the ass. It’s because series will make you read more, spend more money, spend more time, but you can’t help it because you will love me. lol. If you don’t, well, there are some who would like to read me through and through (or even keep me). I wouldn’t care less on people who will just pick me up to look at the cover then put me down or people who will just run their fingers on my spine.
Second, I have multiple personalities. I have different characters you can relate to. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes sad, sometimes mean, sometimes good, and sometimes whatever. Whatever floats your boat.
Lastly, I hope I’m something worth reading.

Thereafter, we went to Subspace to hang out.



I ordered hot chocolate. It supposed to be Totoro but when it was served, I’m not sure. I guess the latte artist is on leave xD haha kidding.

I totally had fun and the love was felt today. I love my friends, and I love books.

β™‘ P


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