there’s no such thing as too many books

Every book that I read from the past years were only based on what I felt like reading. No matter how short, long, beautiful, trashy, classic or contemporary, I just chose it recklessly from my shelf or the world wide web.

I met bookworm friends who set their reading lists and make their reading schedule. Unlike them, I’m so lazy to organize every little thing, from reading pace to reading time. When I joined Goodreads, I set a goal for reading and I get happy when I finish it. So, why not set my bars up?

Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014
I’m aiming for level 2 – Book Savant (11-25 books)

Bingo Reading Challenge
This is a cute challenge of Random House which my friend shared to me.
I’m targeting the expert level.

2014 Alphabet Soup Challenge
The goal is to read books from A-Z.

Global Reading Challenge 2014
I’m going for the Easy level.

[I’m going to intertwine these book challenges.]

Also, I’ll add manga & Filipino books in my reading list. :>


7 thoughts on “there’s no such thing as too many books

  1. Nickle Love says:

    I’m the same. I read what I feel like reading. It depends on the day, my mood. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to plan what to read. I joined the CORL Challenge this year and I haven’t made a list yet. I think I’ll achieve the goal better if I had an actual list to follow. Good luck to us!

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