Review: Terropian Princess

Terropian Princess
Terropian Princess by Reira Francisco
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Manga【漫画】is a Japanese comic book or graphic novel. Its popularity reached international, and influenced the arts of different countries. Mangas are usually serialized in magazines, presenting one chapter that will be continued to the succeeding magazine volumes.

I think the counterpart of it in the Philippines were the comics of Mars Ravelo or those in Liwayway Magazine. Unfortunately, those issues died out already if I’m not mistaken.

I am a manga enthusiast, and I collect translated mangas. Sometimes I just read it online when I can’t afford to buy some anymore =.=” Anyway, I got this book from a book pile in a bookclub’s (TFG) Christmas party. The cover illustration is so pretty. Thanks to whoever gave this.

Princess Ashien rejected the marriage proposal of the Dark Lord so the latter destroyed the whole Terropia. The queen casted a spell to Ashien, and together with her butler, she was sent to the Earth as a good looking guy (Keith). Girls admire and chase her around while guys hate her. She met Lyn, a girl who protected her.

If I would rate the illustrations, I will it give 4 stars or even 5.
If it’s only the story, I will give it 1 star or 2 stars.

The art style of the illustrator is so gooooood. It really looked like an authentic manga. The balloons and dialogues, however, are confusing to me because I am used to reading it from right to left, and the words are Filipino here. No problem about that.

Why didn’t I like the story? I think the pacing is really fast that the whole volume equals to two to three volumes of a real manga. (If someone would tell me that this is not a manga anyway so I should not compare it, I would say that this will probably be a trying hard comic book if its aim is not of a manga because clearly, it is).

Although the story reached the usual, staple or cliché plot of some mangas, another thing I consider is the culture. Why would I read Japan’s manga? It is because I like to learn about their cultures, their stories, and their arts. Now, why would I read Philippines’ manga, is it to learn about Japan’s culture and stuff? NO. Because if that’s the case, why would I bother myself to read a manga-inspired if I can read the original thing?

It’s not that want to dissuade Filipinos in this field, I just want the Filipinos to make something of our own. It could be a manga art style while the story is original. The Koreans, for instance, have manhwa which is like manga but they have different plot than the Japanese, and they also incorporated their culture in it. That’s what I expected here so it kind of disappointed me. To clear things up: I did not hate the book or the author, I only think that it should be improved.

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