I don’t know about you but I’m feeling twenty two~
That song was stuck in my head on my 22nd birthday. I’m not a fan of Swift, my sister was the culprit! Anyway, I will only write here how I celebrated it (with different days).

First, look at my cake:


Just kidding. This was how it really looked:


The first photo was when it was melted and already half lol.

I didn’t go to school that day just because it was my birthday. :p
I don’t want to ruin my day with recitations and etc. (good thing, my name was not called also!).

I set my birthday’s privacy option in Facebook to ‘only me’. So, those people who greeted me were the ones who really know when is my birthday.

Then I went to the mall for one thing: to get Manix Abrera’s Tibok ng Puso. I was not able to attend the last Komikon this year so I asked Jzhun to get me a copy. I’m a big fan of Manix Abrera so anyone can imagine how happy I was when I got that.


We dropped by Booksale, and Jzhun bought me books as gifts. πŸ˜€

My aunt bought ice cream and a little cake for us to share. The chocolate cake was brought by my dad.
Here are my pictures (keep scrolling):
What I would look like with other people around



What I would look like when I’m alone:


So let’s settle with this:


Clai and Biena gave me a hardbound book of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I’m so pleased, so happy. They know me so well!


My college friends gave a chocolate cake to Joanne and me.

…and we played charades.

Isn’t it obvious that I like chocolate?

I am very very thankful to God for still being alive even if I often feel like I’m such a waste of space in this world. I am also very thankful to my family and friends who are still here for me even if sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve such kindness. Really, I don’t know why they’re still with me. LOL.

β™‘ P


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