Yolanda recap + Christmas Drive

Yolanda–a name that is common, innocuous, and does not
seek any attention, but now when it is mentioned, it gives chills,
gut-wrench, and feeling of forlorn.

20131118-195752.jpg (c)Philnews

To date, typhoon Yolanda was the strongest typhoon that ever came in the entire world, but it hit the strongest people in the world, the Filipinos. The Visayas part of the Philippines was totally wiped out by the motherf*cking typhoon. Unfortunately, the victims of Yolanda were not given the relief that they should have gotten from the government. Before the said disaster, the meteorologists and the people who reported weather forecasts did not fail to disseminate their factual findings about the typhoon. The term ‘storm surge’, however, was not explained thoroughly to the citizens. Of course, if the people knew how the typhoon will really affect them, they will go.

The President made a press release where he stated that everything was under controlled and the rescue team was prepared. During and after the typhoon, however, the said preparedness was entirely missing. After the typhoon, people were pointing fingers and blaming one another (even the President points finger!). I guess tough times can really show the real character of people, like the President, Mar
, and his wife Korina. Am I being biased here? Whatever. I just want to update my blog. Moreover, the relief operations should be for
immediate help to victims, and not for political paraphernalia or media exposure.

20131118-193900.jpg (c) Entervrexwolrld

Binay’s party contended that it was sponsored by his supporter. The said scenario is possible; truth or not, however, he was already tainted to the public eye (lose-lose situation). The victims of the typhoon were struggling to survive.

Some of them became looters, and stole food supplies to live. Some also took advantage of others as they robbed appliances which a normal mind under the same situation would not really think of. Why do you need some appliances if you do not have any house and electricity anymore? I guess the robbers stole it for their future days because if you got nothing, you can hopefully sell it later for something. Some people even killed for foods supplies. This is reality. This is all for survival. As the incidences happened, people learned more of this harsh reality. Even the legislators were alarmed. Senators talked about punishing thieves in Tacloban. Oh wait–

Turning all that bad things aside, most Filipinos are still good in nature, and the bayanihan still lives. (Bayanihan is a Filipino culture where Filipinos whole-heartedly help one another without expecting any payment or exchange.) Filipinos are resilient, pliant as a bamboo. It melts my heart to see all the efforts given to the victims, even the help from other countries. Thank God. It is never too late to help, there is no exact timing. It is never too little to give, there is no required amount. From all of the cents, labors, and donations that were given, thank you very very much.

In New York, the Empire State Building illuminated the colors of the Philippine flag:

20131118-190939.jpg(c) Inquirer
More ways to help, click here.

By donating clothes, donating load (cellphone), repacking goods, showing support, what more can I give to the victims of Yolanda/Haiyan? (yeah, I wish I
have so much money *sighs*)

The book club that I am a member of, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books, set up a Christmas Book Drive for the typhoon Yolanda victims. Members and donors give books to sell at the Facebook fan page until December 15, 2013. The 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the victims of Yolanda.

20131118-185325.jpg These are the books I can let go for now
(and some I have another copy of). Half is my sister’s, those self-help & other chic-lits.

The books will be a loss to my collection but it will have a great journey as it will touch another life (the next owner), and it will be for a great cause as it helps the victims of the typhoon. Here’s
the list:
1) Abundance of Katherines by John Green Brand New
(reason: bought another edition)

2) Gossip Girl – The Carlyles by
Cecily Von Ziegesar Brand New (reason: don’t want to start another
series yet)
3) Ripped at Seams by Nancy Krulik Good Condition
(yellowing color. no creases, no folds)
4) The Great Gatsby by F.
Scott Fitzgerald Like New (has an unnoticeable little crease)

Bata, Bata…Pa’no Ka Ginawa? by Lualhati Bautista Good Condition
(read a few times for a thesis paper)

6) Desaparesidos by Lualhati
Bautista Like New (no creases, no folds. read once)

7) Fan Girl by
Marla Miniano Like New (read once. no creases, no folds)

8) Girl
Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman Like New (little creases)

Vince’s Life – The Next Chapter: Getting Over Andrea by Vince Teves
Good Condition (Dog-Eared 5 pages)
10) Chocolate for a Teen’s Soul
by Kay Allenbaugh Good Condition (no folds, no creases.
discoloration at sides)
11) Life Strategies for Teens by Jay McGraw
Good Condition (no folds, no creases. discoloration at sides)
How to NOT to Spend Your Senior Year by Cameron Dokey Good
Condition (yellowed, aged gracefully lol)
13) Prom by Laurie Halse
Anderson Good Condition (yellowed. a little fold on the cover)
When Chic hits the fan by Kitty Go Good Condition (no folds, no
creases. discoloration at sides) note: First Edition
15) Chic
Happens by Kitty Go Good Condition (no folds, no creases.
discoloration at sides) note: First Edition
16) Miss Wyoming by
Douglas Wyoming Good Condition (yellowed, aged gracefully lol)
Bridget Jones’s Guide to Life Good Condition
18) Everlasting by
Alyson Noël AUDIOBOOK – 7 CDs Brand New (reason: it was the last
book, I haven’t even read the first yet)

To buy (or even ‘like’ or ‘share’), click here.
We still hope for the best. As the saying goes, there is always a
rainbow after the rain.


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