Review: Interim Goddess of Love

Interim Goddess of Love
Interim Goddess of Love by Mina V. Esguerra
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book reminds me of shoujo animés. The heroine acquires a power of some sort, helps other people, and has a love story. The setting is their school Ford River which is divided to “Rich Kids” and “Scholar Kids”.

I like the mythical story intertwined with the regular people. I think the author took a great shot of writing the plot. She can incorporate different characters and stories in the series. And what’s more exciting? She can put unexpected things from the other world.

It is stated at the last page that the questions the readers have will be answered in the second book but I guess mine’s out of the box (and stupid). Why are the gods and goddesses young?; Why is the god of water a bad boy? Shouldn’t he be the calm one? (because when I think of hot-headed guys, god of fire automatically comes to my mind).


In the Aklatan 2013 event, I saw Mina Esguerra for the first time. This is the only book of hers I have that got signed. She wrote “Which team?” After reading this, I still can’t choose between the guy characters =.= maybe after reading the second book of the series..?
I know most girls get drawn on bad boys like Diego because they have appeal, being strong and confident, I guess. Girls will never get wrong with Robie the nice guy, but most likely they choose bad or cool guys like Quin. Like in this book, I would say that Hannah is better with Robie, but she clearly has feelings for Quin, and can also have a chance with Diego. I’ll bet on Quin for now.

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