Review: Train Man

Train Man
Train Man by Hitori Nakano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The novel basically consists of forum posts with ASCII characters by geeks. It was from 2さゃんねる 2channel, the anonymous bulletin board. The thread was for singles who were posting about their common woes and mundane lives.

One day, a geek shared his story on how he worked up the courage to stood against a drunk man in train, and saved women from harassment. Thereafter, a lady sent him Hermes tea cups as a thank you gift. He asked for advices from his fellow geeks on what to do next, and he was called Train Man. The geeks brainstormed and rooted for Train Man and Hermes.

Nakano Hitori is a collective pseudonym for the geeks. Naka no Hitori (なかのひとり) is a Japanese word pun that means “one among many” or “one of us”.

491 Name: One of us 09/05/04 17:37
Dudes. The past two months’ worth of expended energy and might, in yer face!

A certain ‘Nakano Hitori’ consolidated their posts and made a flash site. It was said that the site was clean because the original thread has some dirty and pervy stuff that they won’t share (Train Man shared it to Hermes though). They still maintained their anonymity.

Train Man loves animés like Keroro, Sailormoon, and Pretty Cure. He looks like the guitarist of ELT while Hermes looks like Ogawa Tamaki and Nakatani Miki.

I really like the book because I’m a geek. I live on the internet, and I also like animés (but Pretty Cure? No).

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