Review: Lolita

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Humbert Humbert is man who obsesses on young girls because he is still caught by the ghost of his past; his first love Annabel died as a young girl. He fell in love with Lolita, a nymphet, and produces all means to get her.

“Publisher X, whose advisers got so bored with Humbert that they never got beyond page 188, had the naïveté to write me that Part Two was too long. Publisher Y, on the other hand, regretted there were no good people in the book. Publisher Z said if he printed Lolita, he and I would go to jail.” -Nabokov

Well, thank God for the next publisher after Publisher Z.
I am guilty, however, of thinking like those people in Publisher X & Publisher Y. I think that the prose style is exceedingly good but I can’t help myself to be lulled more often and think that the characters are horrible.

My problem now is how to rate the book. I like the way he wrote the story, the controversial plot, the different perspective, and the characters full of flaws. On the other hand, I don’t like people like Humbert and I don’t like the story.

It’s sensual and beautifully written but I still get disgusted. It also makes me uncomfortable to read such proses of a twisted perverted mind. It is not because I don’t like this genre, it’s just that I am afraid to tolerate this inappropriate apathy for criminals (which will be dangerous for my chosen path lol ). I always think that the people who gets violated are the unfortunate victims. The criminal’s acts of Humbert can not be justified legally, but here in the story it was shown how unfortunate the character struggled.

Reading it is like saying “Oh, poor pathetic Humbert”, and then when snapped out of consciousness, “What?! Such a sick bastard Humbert is! Poor Lolita”.

Like what I always feel on victims, especially children, I pity Lolita for a wasted childhood she can not revisit and experience.


This was the book for discussion in The Filipino Group for the month of September, and the moderator made a book cover contest. I liked the idea so I got carried away. One of my covers made me a runner-up (?). I’m not sure, my friendtold me that. I don’t know if my friend was only joking or what. Here are my Lolita book covers:








Disclaimer: the images were not mine. I just got it from google then tweaked it.

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