“Ack! What an ugly being.”

“I’m not ugly, I’m unique!” I told her.

“Eww. You’re uglier when you’re like that.”

“Natalia, don’t mind Erik. He is my friend.”

“Are you sure? Erik should never be seen with Scarlett Belle. ”

“Don’t exaggerate, darling.”

Ms. Scarlett Belle is a very beautiful theatrical actress. She has very long legs but still likes to wear high heels. Her skin is creamy white that neutralizes with her jet black hair. Her lips are rose red that matches her nail polish and bags (Red is her favorite color). She has soft caresses that I always long for.

I know everything about her. I know things that any avid fan and stalker wouldn’t. If there will be a contest, I will defeat all her fans in one go. I know it when she’s lonely even if she is smiling. I know it when she’s genuinely happy or if it is just for her image. I know it when she’s tired but does not complain. I know how she loves her job, and her passion does not wilt. She tells me all her stories, insecurities, dreams, and everything that is happening to her. I knew her since she was still an amateur, drama student.

It had been raining cats and dogs one night. I had wished that it was literally cats and dogs that were falling so I would have not been alone in that cold December. If it were really cats and dogs, I would not have been the only unlucky being as people would have been hit by the animals.

I hate to remember what an awful experience I had, but that was the time my tables turned. I was lying in the dark. I was soaked, dripping, and cold. I could not move. I was hungry and alone.

A sliver of light glowed and stretched until it reached me. It was so bright that I could get blind. The sound of clunking heels overpowered the pattering of rain for a moment. I squinted my eyes and looked at the shadow approaching. I saw shiny red boots with high heels coming nearer and nearer. The rain stopped pouring on me. This someone bent her knees to look closer.

“I nearly did not notice you here because of your color,” she said almost laughing.

“Shut up!” I said. I wanted to hurt her, but I can’t move an inch. So, I just stared at her.

“I like the color of your eyes though,” she said, “Come with me.”

She helped me get into her black car. Her smell was a mixture of smoke and alcohol with a faint scent of wild roses.

I don’t have a name or if I do, I can’t remember. Scarlett gave me a name and exhumed me. She said that starting that day when she found me, she got lucky. Honestly, I was the one who got lucky when she found me.

I owe her my life, and I will be indebted to her forever. She is my master. If it comes down to it, I will risk my life for her. If only she knew what I am willing to do. I wish that she will know. I want her to understand what I wanted to tell her. I hate this language barrier.

They say that action speaks louder than words, so I had tried to show my affections to her. I slept closer to her and make her warm, but she got annoyed when she saw me beside her in the morning. I tried to clean her shoes but she got irritated and got it away from me. She probably thought I was doing otherwise. I also tried to organize her things but she got angry at me. So, I stopped doing those things and we were happier. I learned that it is alright to her if I don’t do such things or anything for her at all.

“Scarlett, help me with this,” said Natalia. She lifted her arms, and Scarlett reached to rearrange her corsage. Natalia sprayed perfume with a heavy scent of wild roses. “I like this scent. It seems like we share the same taste”.

“That’s my favorite perfume,” said Scarlett.

“By the way, congratulations about your forthcoming play. How I dread to know the results of my audition…”

“Thank you. I hope that you will also get the part. You deserve it.”

“How will you ever know if you have what you deserve?” Natalia sighed.

“I guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves.”

“It’s my time now,” said Natalia. She winked and waved her gloved hand. She walked elegantly to the door.

“Break a leg!”

“I will break everything necessary,” she said, without turning and closed the black door.

Natalia left the room finally. I want it the most whenever I am left alone with Scarlett. I was thinking about relaxing but was disturbed completely by loud knocks on the door.

Scarlett jumped to her feet and a wide smile appeared to her face. She turned the silver knob, and a man appeared to the black door frame.

“How are you my little coquette?”

“Come inside first.”

The man looks familiar to me.

“Natalia’s not around anymore. Don’t worry.”

“But you should never put your guards down!”

“What are you saying? Come here.”

He hugged her tightly. He tilted Scarlett’s face and kissed her on the lips. She pulled away slowly from him. He unfastened his red bow tie and unbuttoned his collar. She tried to get a cigarette from her desk. He, however, got closer, leaned over, and kissed her.

“Stop it!”, I said.


“Oh, he’s just a friend of mine”

A phone ring filled the silence. He looked at his phone.

“I have to go, have to dress up for the performance.”

“Oh, break a leg,” said Scarlett smiling.

He buttoned his collar and left the room. Scarlett hummed and applied her red lipstick.

“I’m going to get some food. Stay here, alright?” she said and left the room.

I was alone again. I was thinking about going to sleep. I closed my eyes. I heard some footsteps. The black door creaked and opened slowly. I opened my eyes. What now? I just wanted to sleep. It was Natalia again, but she had a wicked face. She went straight to the desk of Scarlett and touched everything she can lay her eyes upon. It looked like she was looking for something. Natalia looked at me with disgusted face.

The black door opened.

“Natalia, why are you here?” said Scarlett. Her voice was quivering.

“Nothing. I’m just looking for something,” she said calmly.


“I don’t know”

“Did you find it?”


“The one you are looking for.”

“Not yet, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to catch it. Soon.”

“Oh, good for you.”

“Yes, good for me. Good luck!”

Natalia turned to leave. As the black door closes, I saw Natalia clutching a red bow tie in her left hand.

I wish I could tell Scarlett.

Scarlett smiled. She placed fish bones on the plate, bent her long legs to reach me, and stroked my head.

“I’m glad pets don’t talk”.


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