Another day

Another day, another birthday. It was the 12th day of October, the birthday of my friend Chelo and Joanne. I had an adventure again! LOL. Good thing I was not lost, thank God. Chelo treated us dinner in Yakimix at Trinoma. (Yes, I can hear side comments that it was just Trinoma and I don’t know how to get there =.=) It’s far from me but I know how to get there now. Moving on, I intentionally mentioned Yakimix here because we already have an inside joke about it.

Our professor told us that he’s going to treat us in the end of the semester somewhere like Hardrock Cafe. Someone suggested Yakimix and the whole class agreed. It was then set and all. When the day came, I was not able to attend because of laziness and it was raining hard! *excuses excuses*. They went there and ate their dinner. Our professor arrived late. When our professor got there, they were expecting him to pay of course. He, however, looked at them and waiting for them to pay. They were dumbfounded. I can really tell that they felt embarrassed and disappointed just by listening to their story. The scene that was unforgettable was that they were counting money bills in the restroom. Fortunately, someone brought a credit card for emergencies (such as this). After that, our professor invited them to go to Hardrock Cafe and have some drinks. LOL.

Nothing bad happened in Chelo’s birthday party. The bad side was that we were not complete but it was fun to see each other again. I miss the moments we shared the same table and chat.

♡ P


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