Birthday and Solidaridad

On the 11th day of October, I went to Quezon City. I normally would not go to Quezon City in the evening but I wanted to greet Biena a happy birthday in person. Clai and I planned to give her a present but I was so good in failing. =.= To anyone interested, I can tell you in person (and I know I won’t forget all of it even if I do not put it here). Anyway, typhoon Santi was a bitch. That’s just it.

I met Kuya Doni, his officemate Mumay/Moomay (idk the spelling of her nickname), Juan, and Po at KFC, Quezon Avenue. They offered chicken and rice meal with soft drink. To tell you the truth, I wanted it so bad however I said no. I am allergic to chicken. I just took the cute ghost straw and Kuya Doni gave me a strawberry yogurt.

We went to ate Bebang’s abode and met their black Siberian cat. Anna, Clai, Biena, Nibra, and Billy followed. We had a meeting for the upcoming Readercon on November and greeted Biena a happy birthday. We sang happily until it became sad haha. We ate blueberry cheesecake and cassava cake. Too much sweets.

Ate Bebang and Kuya Poy have a tradition of when someone steps in their house, he or she should wear their apron. The apron was printed with a sexy busty body in an animal print swim suit. Then they would take take pictures. So we did it.
(I will put the photos here whenever they upload it.)

After the adjournment of our meeting, the rain was still there. +.+
I know I already put it somewhere in this blog but I really hate rain when I’m outside. It felt like I was wearing boots instead of shoes. Ugh. I hate wet feet. To top it all, my umbrella gave up on me. It was blown by the wind, it was now facing up. Don’t mind my first world problems. =.=



Biena is a superb fan of F. Sionil Jose and she’s collecting his works. Earlier that day, I went to Solidaridad Book Shop. It is the bookstore and publishing house of F. Sionil Jose. It is near from my residence.

I bought 2 books, Olvidon & Juan Bacnang as our (Clai and me) present for Biena. I was hoping to see FSJ to sign or put some happy birthday greeting but he was not there. I was told that he only comes when he has appointments. In the end of the day, Biena was happy to receive our present and that’s what matters the most.


♡ P


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