Rant on Gala

Immaturity can be determined when some people laugh at the performers in bahag merely showing some parts of their buttocks or when they speak in their native language. Most of the College students and students in Graduate school were laughing heartedly. I felt uncomfortable and a little annoyed by their misconduct that I don’t usually witness in cultural performance or any plays. I was also reluctant to watch the cultural performance with transitions of Disney sing-along songs. I think that they really made it like that to dilute the long intervals of too much singing portions to dancing portions. Good thing, however, that the audience adjusted and stopped their juvenile behavior.


It was quite refreshing to see professors sing and dance. What surprised me the most was to see my former Accounting professor. I did not know that he could sing or at least perform anything on stage. (Yeah, it’s weird to see professors not doing their jobs like when you see them buying tissue papers on a grocery store). I think it was a feel good show all in all. The most commendable of the whole performance was the traditional dance of the performers from Baguio. They were dancing gracefully and their moves were simultaneously complementing. 

♡ P


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