what the fox day

What the fox is a reference from “Fox” video of Ylis; a palpable pun for what the fuck. It is a parody music video that I suppose have an underlying meaning about the mainstream modern music. However stupid the lyrics of the songs nowadays, as long as it has a catchy music, it will become a hit. And yes, the video became viral. The song’s my earworm till now.

Last Saturday, my friend Clai planned to get animé downloaded copies from Kwesi. They planned to meet in the mall near my residence, so I agreed to meet them before I went to school. Clai was the first to go to the mall and I asked her to come over to my house.

When a friend of mine goes over to my house, I will ask them to sit on the sofa. Anyone who wants to sit on our sofa will inevitably walk pass my bookshelf. If he or she will hover on my bookshelf, he or she is a bookworm. This is how I determine when my friends are bookworms lol. When they do, however, I always do not notice them hovering on it until they open the cover or asks me if he or she can open it.

Clai asked me if she can open it. I said sure. We chatted about random things and “Fox” made it’s way to our conversion. I surfed that video in the internet to listen to it again. And again. And again. Then I don’t know why but my gut told me to open my Facebook account. A message popped up. It was from Kwesi.


Then we came over. He was making calls and such. Good thing, the stolen phone was expensive looking but not really costs a lot. It’s just that contacts should be retrieved. But yeah, what the fox, right? Fortunately, Clai and I went home and listen to that Fox song and saw his message. lol.

Then we went to Ajisen Ramen. Guess what we ordered?

Ajisen Ramen

The mixed CDs with creative *coughs* crappy *coughs* handmade covers I made. I gave them these. I just don’t know if they will like my playlist, it’s my current favorite songs. By that favorite, I meant my late discoveries of songs so it’s my current favorite but it were all old haha.


After that, we went to my house to check some things like will my professor attend that day. I found out that yes, he will come to school. (Kwesi also hovered on my bookshelf lol i knew it!).
I went to school while they went to a book launch. I was late when I got there but the professor did not notice me. The projector was setup and all, he was ready to lecture. He stood at the center of the room, behind the projector. He was going to start to explain and he said, “Legal research”. Then BANG! He burst out his feelings. His voice got louder, he shouted bad words at us, and did not able to contain himself. It was because my classmates at the back were talking and he heard them buzzing. After all the sermon, he walked out of the room and left us shocked. WHAT. What the fox! I hurried going to school, I spent money and my time to get there. I have not seen my professor since last month and his only time to teach was the time he got angry and walked away. What will happen to our grades? I mean my grade??

My classmates April and Aaron told me that they were going to watch an indie film that suddenly became commercialized. It was entitled “Sana Dati”. I wanted to watch that so I randomly went with them. They said it was okay for me to join them because it was spontaneous. When we got there, the film already started and the next show will be at night time. We ate in Sbarro and talked instead (I only ate tiramisu as I already ate before I went to school). We talked about interests and fandom. I can relate when it comes to our interests but when they compare my school to their former school, I just listened. They were both from University of the Philippines so sometimes I got out of place. Well, they are friends, anyway. I was just tagging along because I don’t want to go home yet, and I really hate what happened. I should have been at University of Sto. Thomas with my friends and witnessing the book launch!

The sky was becoming dark at that time, so I bade goodbye and left. It was raining hard. I hate it when it rains. I only like it if I’m indoors. I went to get in line for LRT and the people were everywhere. The line was not moving, shoes were not fitted for raining, and my feet were wet. Icky. I really hate it when it rains. Clai texted me to have dinner with them and I agreed, so I have to suffer from all this shit. Finally, the line moved and I got to ride the train. What I also hate is rush hour with too many people. I was in the women-only side but they still push and push and push!! Ugh. What the fox. Then I can’t seem to hail a jeepney as I can’t see any. I rode bus, as Kwesi said. After I got off the bus, I really hate the feeling of being exhausted, tired, and disgusting. It was still raining and my feet were wet. I saw public utility vehicles that i could ride to get home but I went inside the mall where my friends found me being so fucking dramatic. What the fox.

Kwesi even danced to make me happy. I was still in the bad mood but when I think of it now, it is funny. lol. We ate dinner at Mexicali and talked about anything that happened that day. Kwesi told us his admirers and it was really funny. They also told me their weird experiences that I haven’t encounter, thank God. Then we go home tired but happy and contented.


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