Review: Marne Marino

Marne Marino
Marne Marino by Bebang Siy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marne Marino is a seaman. He is an oiler in the cargo ship MV Lumba-Lumba Forwarders. In the opening of the story, Marne is searching for what he treasures the most. He looks everywhere and asks everyone in the vessel but it leads to nothing. In his verge of giving up, he finally sees what he is looking for.

I first read Marne Marino in the “Ang Aking Uncle Boy” chapter of Bebang Siy’s It’s a Mens World. It was a tribute to all the seamen specially her Uncle Boy. Like the first time I read it, the story still got me as it captured the true essence of the word ‘treasure’. Everyone has a treasure and every treasure has a story, significance, and symbolism. The story also informs the readers what consists of a cargo ship, the basic employees, and their respective job descriptions.

The Filipino translation is good. It’s strange that when I read the Filipino version, I can hear Ms. Bebang’s voice in my mind. (I know that it was not her translation but it’s her fiancé’s haha).

The illustrations were okay for me. It was completely digital. It just did not appeal much to me because I prefer the traditional art and I want to see some touch of it. It perfectly match, however, the descriptions of the story–that’s very very important. The rich colors of the illustrations also make the readers drawn to it.

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