MIBF 2013: books, authors, and fangirl; bye money pt. 2

On the last day of the MIBF 2013, I went with my sister Patrice and my friend Clai. It was raining so hard, then there was traffic jam, and the people were everywhere! It was also the day of UAAP Cheer Dancing competition, three day sale, and a cosplay convention. It did not, however, hurdle our book buying intentions. We also planned to go to Da Vinci museum.
free passes

We ate lunch and waited for Nibra in Sbaro. We, however, hurried eating lunch because Patrice needed to leave early as she was going to Los Baños. So we just bought pizza for Nibra (and for some unfortunate event, did not eat anything at all afterwards).

We went to buy Filipiniana books at Anvil Publishing, Inc. Yes, I bought some more. x.x
Biena finally came handing the tickets for the museum. We were so excited but there was a teeny tiny problem: the date written was next month =.= ” So we continued to peruse in bookstores.

Pilandok formed part of my childhood.
Patrice with Pilandok

20130918-151725.jpgNew York Times bestselling authors Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel and Margaret Stohl
I haven’t read their works yet lol


In a very timely event, I encountered Bebang Siy again! She had a book signing of her novel “It’s a Mens World” in the section of Anvil Publishing.


Clai and Nibra finally got their books signed. We were laughing so hard because ate Bebang was in her usual bubbly and jolly self. She even said that if there were no people at the time, we can still fall in line and pretend to be waiting for our books to be signed. LOL.


Media captured this:

For the full article, click here.

Patrice, Biena, and Nibra left so we were down into two. Clai and I searched for more books. She even printed three pages of her to-buy books! At that time, I really just touched the books, identified, got it, and took it back to the shelves. I saw books I really wanted to have but the prices were expensive for me :/ The foreign books were on 20% discounts only so I am not really into buying it.

How did Totoro and No Face reached Fullybooked?

We sauntered on booths to look for expected authors and waited for them but sadly they did not appear. Then I saw a translated light novel I really wanted to have so I bought it in a heartbeat. Hey, it was still 20% off! (what am I saying earlier?).

Train Man

I met Clai’s older sister thereafter and she treated us dinner. We had pesto pasta at A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante.

In the end, my feet really hurt but no regrets were made.

my Filipiniana book haul

♡ P


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