MIBF 2013: books, authors, and fangirl; bye money

It’s that time of the year again! By ‘that time’ I mean spending a lot of moolah for books. Not as if I don’t spend too much on books on any day, but this is the time of the year where prices of books go down with discounts. Manila International Book Fair is one of the highlighted book-related events this month. It is now on its 34th year. If you don’t know anything about this, this is a paradise for book lovers and enthusiasts. It started on the 11th day of September this year.

I went to the book fair on Friday (September 13, 2013) alone. My friends and I were planning to go there on Sunday but I don’t have a class that day and I can’t wait to buy new books. Plus, I wanted to meet an illustrator, Tokwa Peñaflorida, as I saw his fb status stating that he’ll be there in the morning.

When I got there, however, it was after lunch already.
I still went straight to the section of Vibal Publishing, Inc.. I witnessed no one though. I just resorted to my other agendas and went to the section of Anvil Publishing, a publisher of Philippine Literature books.
I was informed that the discounts were ranging from 50%-80%. True enough, the discounts were massive. I went nuts on deciding what to buy because there were so many books (and I’m still a newbie in growing Filipiniana collection).
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

While deciding what to buy, someone called me. It was Diane, a club mate of mine. She was with her friends. I can’t linger as I am a socially awkward person. Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)

I then circumnavigated the labyrinth of book stalls and looked at the whole shebang. One look and I already criticized or admired the bookstores and publishing houses involved. (>.<)

Tahanan Books was my favorite.
20130918-151907.jpgHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Filipino edition.
I wanted to have this. This better be good. Or else.

A little later, I met Jayson in the Anvil Publishing section, buying Filipiniana books. I told him that I will buy a law book at Rex Bookstore somewhere there so he went with me.
Ugh. The codal was only 5% off. Thank you very much. (¬_¬)

Therafter, we went to the Vibal Publishing, Inc. and saw Ms. Beverly Siy also known as Bebang Siy. She lauched her new book for children, “Marne Marino“.



Bebang Siy in costume, portraying the main character in her children’s book.

Diane and Ayban, who just got there, also came to support ate Bebang.
(we have more pictures taken by their staff. i don’t know where to get it. I want it heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! :<)

An award-winning author of children's books Rhandee Garlitos was also around. And guess what he just did? He went to look for Tokwa Peñaflorida! Then there he was, sitting beside Rhandee. I was dying inside. (≧∇≦)♡
I can’t fangirl openly lol. I think that I will just embarrass myself. I am also bad at communication so I just stood there without them knowing that I was really happy! Well, I told Jayson to take a picture of me with him.
My another reason for not openly fangirling was that I wanted his autograph in a children’s book. You see, I am not a child anymore. I also don’t have any child with me, and I wanted him to write my name. LOL.
Canvas totes that I wanted to have but it’s so expensive =,=
well, it’s because the designs are Ben Cab’s.

Subsequently, Diane, Ayban, Jayson, and I ate in a fastfood restaurant. We agreed in one thing: let’s eat in a cheap ass fast food restaurant to allocate more money on books!!

When you’re with bookworm friends, you should not get surprised if they plan to go to bookstores like Booksale even if they just went from a book fair. It was also agreed to come back to the book fair after we dine.

I was telling myself not to buy anything anymore but I still bought more books =.+ Diane reminded me that I already said it more than once. Yah, I think I said it thrice. I also said that I planned to be there for one hour, not one day!

♡ P

whew! this post is long, so I divided it. Part 2


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