End of my hell week

This is the last day of my midterm examinations, first semester. I am anticipating this since last week. I originally planned to attend the Face to Face Discussion of The Filipino Group book club moderated this month by my friend Biena. It was about “Tall Story” by Candy Gourlay. The typhoon Maring, however, fucked up our examinations schedule. So there it goes, I did not able to witness the discussion. Another good friend of mine, Clai, was encouraging me to attend so I said I will really try.

The time of my examination was supposed to start at 2:30 p.m., however, the proctor only came at 3:30 p.m. The discussion started at 3:00 p.m. so I was baffled. I confidently answered half of my examination, but I know nothing of some. I left those blank. Some of my classmates passed their examination booklets so I also passed mine. My conscience is usually hurting me, but if I can’t think straight I give up. Well, that’s my attitude for something I’m not good at and it is my way of self pitying. But sometimes I squeeze answers to write, but not now. I can’t make up answers I haven’t read yet. I also don’t know how to bullshit things. I’m getting away from the topic. Where was I?

Before I arrived the venue, I got tired from commuting (2 trains+taxi) and also a little lost (well, it’s my first time there!). Thanks to Clai for texting me and Ayban for telling me where to go. I arrived exhausted and the discussion was already done. =.=

Sophie’s Mom has very cute interiors. I really hate how I did not get the time to savor the place. I like it :<
Here are some photos I took:




And being a sucker for chocolates, I really like this brownie. It’s so soft and sweet, I’m not sure but it’s like a molten chocolate inside. It’s the prize I won from the discussion thread. Thanks, Bie!

I’ve got these bookmarks from Biena (Tall Story-themed bookmarks) and Angus, moderator of the upcoming book discussion “Lolita”.

Chocolates. Girls should have the pink soft candies, I ate it–some of it. But my new friend Zim also wanted it so I asked him to trade with me! lol I’m somewhat unfair or he’s just kind.

The post discussion activity was to give a letter or gift to those you treat as a sibling, maximum of 3. I am not prepared. =.= I will just make it up to Clai and Biena next week. I will also include Kwesi if it’s three. πŸ˜€

Well, they’re my closest friends in Goodreads community. We share secrets and share the same boat. I’m thankful that I met them. If not for the book clubs, I think I won’t be having friends with people like them, people who have their unique personalities. I mean we have common grounds, but they have different traits I don’t have (and it’s good!).

20130901-192645.jpg TFG- F2F20
(c) Ella


After that, we ate at B&T Mexican Kitchen, a Mexican themed restaurant. This is where we chat on things mostly about movies, and of course, books! I shared a large burrito with Clai and Ayban. I’m not a fan of Mexican foods but I find it fine. I think I should not eat too much, I might feel sick or I just need time to have this acquired taste.



20130901-191334.jpg(c) Zim

I got to know that Patrick is an animΓ© enthusiast like me. I don’t know if he’s more addict than me or vice versa. I gained a new friend, Zim, he’s really into movies–from indies to mainstream, name it! And he is soooooooooooo addicted in taking photos. I also found out that Billy likes to tell plots and spoils his favorite comics.

I don’t took any photos at B&T except this:

20130901-043512.jpgsight of the pretty lights ✨

Maybe I’ll grab some of their photos when they upload.

It’s not over, the night is young for us. We went to Venice Piazza to catch the Up Dharma Down live, but before that, we ate some snacks–again!


20130901-193359.jpg (c)Zim

Up Dharma Down launched their new music video of “Luna” and we watched them performed live.



It’s my first time to see Up Dharma Down live. It’s a very awesome performance!


This is a very great way to celebrate the end of my hell week!!

β™‘ P

P.S. I guess I’ll be like this when I see the results of my exam:

a part of my spirit will leave me, like the ink of my name in there.


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