Review: Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World
Girl Meets World by Claire Betita de Guzman
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Despite being a voracious reader of romantic novels, I find the story very tacky and annoying. Some romantic novels are also predictable but I could not tolerate this one. The way of writing is fine but I do not like it when she inject some Tagalog words. I think it will appeal to some people but not me. I find it irritating because it’s becoming what we call conyo. I would appreciate it more if it’s written full Tagalog or full English unless the words have no equal translation, for instance, kilig or gigil.

I am also a shy homebody like the heroine Mia and I admit that I believe in destiny and luck sometimes. But not to the point of paying a fortune-teller (or even pay her twice) who was clearly a scam and does not know what she’s saying.

I love Mia’s guts for traveling alone outside the country. What I really really hate was her reason to do so. This Madam Jam told her that there is a boy– a statement that started her ignition. Subsequently, she met Leo and fell in love immediately. She fell in love with a guy she just met in one day? That’s completely bulls#!% And okay if she thought she fell in love with him. But not only that, she went her way to chase this guy to another country. And wait, there’s more! Three countries in total. That’s completely more bulls#!% Her character was so desperate!! so i wanted to pull my hair out

She has a friend named Joanna who has logic at the first part & convinced her to stop but she swayed her perception on the latter part -,-

And what are we missing? another guy, of course! There was Nick, a guy that has been there since the beginning but she did not quite notice.

I laid it all out for you. I guess you got the picture.

At least her character grew in the end.

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