Review: The King’s Stilts

The King's Stilts
The King’s Stilts by Dr. Seuss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It was my first time to read a prose by Dr. Seuss. I really like the story. The story was about passion and being yourself. It’s like the quote “if you go against the will of your heart, it will become smaller and weaker”. It was evinced by the king in the story. He tried to be happy but he can’t because his passion was gone, and become unproductive.

I think that whatever passion you’re into, it does not matter as long as you’re happy and honest with yourself. It does not matter if what you love is childish or something. You should not care about what other people see or say. If the story will become real, I will admire King Birtram and his quirky way to play. The way I see it, Lord Droon was only insecure and envied the king because he was too happy and contented.

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