Review: That Kind of Guy

That Kind of Guy
That Kind of Guy by Mina V. Esguerra
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Manang literally means old woman but another meaning would be a woman who is old fashioned with mostly unperturbed customs, morals and such. Julie is an example of the second meaning of manang. And she didn’t mind about it until she started dating Anton who is a former bad guy type. She is unexperienced with love and doubts that their relationship will get further as they belong in totally different circles.

Her Filipino setting is highly commendable. In the story, readers can see the Filipino traditions like simbang gabi, courting at home, family oriented, etc. However, it was contradicted a little by the act of pre-marital sex which shows the modern side. And even though it’s a typical love story, it was not one of those pedantic, annoying and stretching but it was a cute one. It can be noticed that the characters grow as the story progresses.

I think I watched too much friends tv show. I remember episodes like some scenes in this book.

Certainty is sexy – I agree with this.
There would be nothing more impressive than someone who will actually tell you that he/she likes you without any hesitations or doubts.

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