book piles on a rainy season

Because of the massive flooding by typhoon Maring here in the Philippines, my domicile was in state of calamity. Our city was higher than other cities or provinces in Cavite, so we only had a mini flood compared to others. Luckily, it subsided quickly as the rain temporarily weakened. It was Sunday then. After that day, I left for Manila. Our residence in Manila was also flooded! Well, only the streets before our home, so we’re okay.

It was raining so hard. I got scared with lightnings! Lightnings, not thunder, pretty weird huh? that’s me. Our midterm examinations got cancelled. The relief operations are open for more hands, it’s here or you can call the nearest chapter of Red Cross.

Here are my ‘currently reading’ books, the ones I just halted reading because of the upcoming examinations. I can’t continue reading them because I feel guilty when I divert my attention to them rather than my academic books. So there will be no progress in there.

I spent my free time on watching animé movies instead. What a lazy ass I have! My excuse was that the examinations were moved next week so I have more time to study. Yeah, I’m a shameless procrastinator x.x

I should read before my law books leave or kill themselves. haha.


And here are my borrowed books, I haven’t read a single word in those yet. I borrowed the half of it last year (yeah, I have very kind friends XD).

I guess I’m on a reading slump. Well, I have to study first haha.

♡ P


5 thoughts on “book piles on a rainy season

  1. spectacularzim says:

    “I should read before my law books leave or kill themselves.”

    HAHA! Funny! I feel you in this entry of yours. Grabe lang wahhhh~ Bakit kasi nakakaadik magbasa eh! HAHA! 😀

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